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 So it's been almost 6 months since my last post... And just like that it's the end of October.

During the earlier lockdown, I tried several hobbies and distractions in an attempt to ward off boredom. I redid the garden and painted the fences, I read books and played video-games, I binged on TV and biscuits but the one distraction I couldn't commit to was my blog. My blog is an outlet and we haven't been out. I hadn't bought any new clothes, I had been avoiding shops and cafes and while I have embraced a more structured skincare routine, its only been 6 weeks so am just seeing any changes and improvements recently.

But, in the last month I have played about with a forgotten hobby: sewing.

when the going gets tough, the tough get sewing

I am an amateur sewer; I can run a stitch and take up a pair of curtains, insert a wonky zip or make a cushion but I saw an opportunity to get out the sewing machine and make myself some new masks for going back to work. My big head meant most shop-bought masks were too tight at the ears and didn't cover my beard. I am still trying to be as economical and ecological as possible and so disposable masks were not an option.

My first attempt was not my best. I used elastic instead of the suggested drawstring but hadn't adjusted the pattern so its a bit wonky and the ear loops had to be knotted to keep it tight to my face. Overall, not a bad first go.

My second go, I played with the length of elastic and now use a hook at the back to extend it slightly, taking the pressure off my ears. I also went back and added a channel for a nose bridge (resorting to garden wire as I didn't have anything else to hand). A big improvement on the first attempt and will learn more as I go.

Starting to work on a batch to get me through the next few months, looking for some new cloth as I'm running out of scraps. I really want some Japanese shibori cotton or heavy Irish linen.

Any suggestions for colours or patterns? 

BTW; if you're interested, the pattern I used can be found here.

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