spring was never waiting for us


Spring was never waiting for us, dear 
It ran one step ahead 
Outside, the seasons have changed. It has been over 2 months since lockdown was implemented and while we are carefully working towards some regularity again, I think it's important to notice that the world has continued. Spring didn't wait for us, we have no control over these grand things so they shouldn't factor in our anxieties or worries. 

This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week. I've written about my mental health struggles before, having attended counselling and been on medication for depression and anxiety.

With the current lockdown situation, the toll it is taking on our mental health is unprecedented. For those of us, myself included, who don't like change, it brings a swath of emotions, fears and angry outbursts of frustration. My fight or flight instinct is high, ready to snap or run away at times.
The ominous and invisible threat of Covid-19 looms over us. I liken it to the classic horror movie The Thingyou don't know who has been infected (or who to trust to take it seriously) so you are on edge around strangers and family alike.  

I'm writing this in the hopes that anyone reading who is experiencing similar feelings can feel a little more assured that you aren't alone. This alien and oppressing impact on our daily lives is bound to have repercussions. 

However, it can be helpful to seek a distraction:

  • call or text your friends - I had a great virtual coffee catch up last week.
  • plant some seeds - chillies for cooking and mint for mojitos.
  • read a book - I'm on my 4th with about 11 in my to-read pile.
  • clean the fridge - if that means you have to eat some of the biscuity contents, so be it.
  • try on all your clothes and wear your favourite outfit for a night on the sofa. 
  • draw a picture - check out Matt Sewell's weekly Instagram drawalong.
  • bleach your hair (this I admit I am too chicken to do).
  • walk the dogs (again).
 - whatever you feel in the moment. 

This is not denial of the situation but embracing some levity that the lockdown brings.

Take this time to be kind to yourself. 

I've listed contact details for some helpful organisations below:
Aware NI
The Samaritans
Refuge: National Domestic Abuse Helpline

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