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My interests have shifted a lot since I started my blog. 
While I still like fashion and grooming etc, I've embraced my stationery obsession, reading about it, listening to podcast and watching YouTube reviews. 
As I mentioned in my previous post, as much as I live digitally, the appeal and tactile joy of writing with an actual pen on real paper is hard to beat.
I thought I'd introduce my favourite piece, something that Caelan kindly gave to me for Christmas: the Traveler's Company notebook.

The traveler's notebook is a customisable folio, a leather cover offering personalisation in terms of organisation, use and style.

A simple enough concept; a leather cover with inserts attached by elasticated bands and the possibility for arrangement is limited only by the size of the cover and your budget.
My current configuration includes a Midori sketchbook, dotted note pad and an emphemera pocket and zipped pocket insert. 
Composite pieces like the notebook or sketchbook are relatively inexpensive so it's not going to break the bank to buy a new piece every so often. 
My fear in writing in a new notebook is that my handwriting will be messy, my notes not important or my doodles looking awful. However, with smaller, less intimidating sizes and a lower price point per insert, I feel more free in using it.

The Traveler's pen is a famous piece of kit; a compact needle point ball pen, usually in a brass case, designed to weather and wear through use. Like the soft leather of the cover; scratches, marks and scuffs on the pen show that a well used pen is a well loved pen. 

The traveler's notebook also has its own stationery pieces, designed to fit the scale and functional needs of the notebook and its user.
I currently have a brass ruler and stencil housed in the zipped pocket for drawing out boxes and shapes for journaling.

If you are thinking about getting into journaling, bullet journaling (this is a whole other subsection of journaling with its own cult status) mindfulness writing or sketching, investing in something like this is a smart decision. You can adjust the contents to meet your needs, adding and expanding as you wish. Removing completed books is easy, and in themselves, make a stylish shelf stack and story.

Hopefully this will be the start of a new, regular-ish stationery feature on the blog. Let me know if you have any favourites I should check out

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