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  1. a store of valuable or delightful things.

    A man's wallet is something very personal. From the first one you got (probably Velcro and with a football team or cartoon character on it) to a 
    grown-up's leather wallet, they evolve and change in style with your own style.

    Personally, I moved away from a wallet with a change section several years ago, it makes a wallet bulge and distort, is overly heavy and can end up ruining the materials for the sake of a few quid in coins.
    As such, my wallet needs changed to a more slim-line look. They don't give you a dead arse when you sit on them and don't look heavy in an inside pocket.
    Many of us don't carry that much cash on us anymore however, as tap-happy as I am with my contactless payments on my debit card, I do prefer to have a few notes on me for back up.

    The team at Trove sent me one of their new Cash Wrap wallets to trial. As a fan of simplified design, I was delighted and opted for the navy leather version. 
    (I've mentioned it before, but I personally avoid a wallet in black; as a wallet is one of the few accessories men carry, it's a chance to have some fun with colour.)

    A clean and minimal triple fold design, the wallet sports Trove's handy quick pull tab for swift access to your most used cards, without having to actually open the wallet.
    However, unfold the wallet and you can lay cash out on the interior and it is secured when the wallet is refolded and held with the stretch band. 

    There is also an additional hidden inside pocket, ideal for your driving license, locker key or photos.

    One of the biggest draws of the wallet for me is how it has made me more selective in what I carry. Previously my wallet was crammed with unnecessary store and loyalty cards, receipts and tickets. Having to pare down to the essentials has made me realise how little use I had for these cards. Do yourself a favour and recycle them and add the loyalty card as an app on your phone.

    The Cash Wrap is available as a Kickstarter until Friday so get ahead of the crowd and support this sleek brand and their designs. As a reward, you'll get access to early discount, exclusive materials and colours (the original Trove wallet is available in over 20 colours and can be custom made too)

    Thanks to the team at Trove for sending me the Cash Wrap wallet to review. All opinions are my own.

    The Trove Cash Wrap Kickstarter campaign runs until Friday 09.11.18. The funding was met within 2 hours (!) but there is still time to get involved and be part of an exciting and modern accessory brand.

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