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It's been almost a year since I went under the needle and got my very first tattoo. The sparrow sketch tattoo on my arm was once something I was always aware of but now I just catch it out of the corner of my eye every now and then and it makes me smile. I've grown to love it more as the time has passed and I've attached a lot of sentiment and emotion to the little guy.

According to ancient Egyptian mythology, the sparrow would catch the souls of the recently deceased and carry them to heaven. 
That's a big responsibility for such a little bird!

However, I have been thinking more and more about getting another tattoo. I'm torn between extending the piece, with more branches and an additional bird, or going for something entirely different on my other arm... 

I still try and care for it like it's a new tattoo, applying moisturisers and specific tattoo creams to maintain the vibrancy of the ink. Although my tattoo is just in greys, the sketch design means there are a lot of fine lines and shading so I don't want the detail or colours to fade too much.

The guys at Electric Ink sent me their gift box a little while back and I've been using the products regularly to keep my bird looking fresh and fine.
The gift box contains the three key products in their collection: Defining Body Oil, Vibrancy Serum and Daily Moisturiser

This is my tattoo before and after applying the defining body oil. The shading looks refreshed without my skin looking greasy or shiny

The Defining Body Oil is designed to give your tattoo that just inked look, with a sheen to highlight the definition of the design.

The Vibrancy Serum keeps your colours intense (that's perhaps the saddest part about colour tattoos is the fading that inevitably occurs) Again, whilst my tattoo doesn't have colour, it keeps the grey tones in my tattoo from looking all one shade.

Any Daily Moisturiser is not to be sniffed at. None of us are getting any younger but so many of us only think about the skin on our face. You've just invested good money on your tattoo so why would you neglect it? Make moisturising your tattoo part of your routine to keep it as its best.

What I also like about the Electric Ink gift box is that they are all full-size products, no little sample bottles making it great value and a cool gift for someone who has just been tattooed.

Friday 13th is the traditional day of flash tattooing. Usually depicting something spooky or unlucky and the number 13 in someway, it's a day for tattoo lovers to get a new, quick and usually less expensive tattoo (many charge either £13 or £31 for designs). The flash tattoos are usually stylised or fine line shapes to allow the tattooist to get through as many as possible in a day. While you don't get to alter or amend the design, they often become a collector's item as many tattooists don't repeat these designs again.

As today is Friday 13th, I thought it appropriate to share my love of Electric Ink's products and host a giveaway. They kindly sent me an additional gift box and so I'm giving this away for all you newly tattooed folks out there.
To enter, I want you to visit my twitter, follow the instructions in the giveaway tweet and reply with an image of your tattoo - simples! 


Thank you to Electric Ink for providing the products for this review and giveaway. 
All reviews are honest and my own opinion.

No cash or alternative prize available. Entrant must comply with all entry criteria to be considered. Late entrants will not be considered. Winner announced on Friday 20th April 2018.
Winner will be notified via twitter and will have 48hrs to respond or the prize will be redistributed.  This giveaway is not affiliated with or endorsed by Electric Ink. 

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