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It's hard to believe that April is over already. March seemed pretty jam packed with things and April has just blurred by.

This month has been one of reflection and planning. I didn't get up to as much as I did previously but sometimes taking things slower can help you look forward for the things to come.

Spring is my second favourite season after autumn. While it can be the usual miserable wet weather, there is hope and colour emerging. I got out into the garden properly for the first time this month and did some much needed weeding and tidying. The tulips I planted last autumn have come into bloom and brightened up the side borders of the house. Just need the roses and other plants to get their acts together and start earning their keep with some flowers!

We planned and booked our big summer holiday for August. By now you will know just how much I love Berlin so we decided to expand our perceptions of Germany and booked a 10 day tour of the country, visiting Munich, Frankfurt, Hannover, Cologne and Berlin. 
We spend at least 1 night in each city and then hop the train to our next destination. I love travelling by train - here in Northern Ireland any time I'm on the train its a necessity at rush hour. But I really enjoy getting to see a place from the seat of a train, regardless how fast you are travelling, you can always see so much from your window.

We've also been taking private German lessons each week but I'm struggling to make it sink in. I've not studied another language since GCSE French almost 20 years ago so my lingual skills are rusty!

The 24th of April marked 6 months since my dad died. I'm not going to mope on this subject but it snuck up on me without my realisation. I really didn't feel like 6 months had passed. His headstone went up and it made it all the more tangible and permanent. Permanent is perhaps an odd word to use, but it was the finality of it all.

Time doesn't heal all wounds but it does give us perspective and allows us to develop better ways to deal with pain.

Making use of my waterproof Rains jacket.
Sunny skies the whole way up, lashed down for the last half hour...

Last week we visited one of my favourite outdoor places in Belfast; Divis & the Black Mountain (sounds like some indie band, doesn't it?)
Despite my stocky build and red beard, I am not the outdoorsman I would pretend to be but growing up in the country, getting away from the city centre just brings joy to my bones.
My feet however, were not rejoicing after we completed the 7 mile walk around the park...


Here's to an interesting and experience-filled May! Do you have any plans for the coming month?

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