Ich Liebe Berlin


A year ago, I visited Berlin for the first time. By January of this year, we had visited it 4 times.

What has quickly become my favourite European city, Berlin represents new possibilities and experiences.

I wrote about my first visit but I never got round to writing up the experiences from my trips in July, November last year and January of this year. 

I could give you endless lists of places to visit for good food (and bad food), coffee, drinks, sights and shopping but this post is more of a love letter to the city itself. I hope my photos will spark your interest and you may pay a visit to learn more yourself.

This post will be a collection of photos, memories and reflections

Rosenthaler Straße 39

When we got back from our initial trip in January 2017, we instantly knew we wanted to return and had booked our next trip within weeks of getting home. Having visited the city in the depth of winter, we wanted to see it in Summer and experience the energy of Berlin in sunshine.
Coming back from that trip, we felt even more at home in a city we barely knew. We booked what we thought would be our 3rd trip for January 2018 almost as soon as we got home.

Life had different plans however. My dad died in October and things were getting very heavy, claustrophobic and intense and I needed a break from the sadness. A couple of weeks after the funeral , we booked flights for a last minute trip  and took a 3 day break to recharge and reevaluate.
The trip was just what I needed. Not to run away from my problems but to get some perspective and return better equipped to deal with things.

Having last visited only in January, I'm already longing to back. We are in the process of booking a round-Germany trip for the summer, taking in 5 other cities before finishing in Berlin.
In all honestly, it was a city that I had never given a thought to before I went. (We only really went because of cheap flights). I never anticipated I would be so enthralled. 


Berlin is also responsible for my growing coffee snobbery. I have written many times on this blog for my love of coffee and on our July trip, we went on the Berlin Coffee Tour. Hosted by the lovely Mel (who has the dream job of being a professional coffee journalist and blogger!) who showed us around some of the best coffee shops across the city. 

The Barn

The Barn has 2 main cafes in the city. The main cafe and roastery in Mitte and their residency in Cafe Kransler on Friedrichstrasse. Having tried their coffee in a few shops at home, we make sure to visit The Barn several times each trip.
(Was the fact that The Barn Roastery just happened to be across the street from our apartment in January mere coincidence? I'll let you decide...)

Five Elephant

Cafe Kirsche, Kreuzberg

Bonanza Coffee


There is an impossible number of sights to see in Berlin but some I have made an effort to visit and revisit on my trips. From urban art to memorial sites, architectural spectacles to an island of museums, Berlin continues to inspire me.

TV Tower, Alexanderplatz

Atop the Reichstag

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Kurfürstendam

Berlinische Galerie, Kreuzberg

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe


Berlin has become our goal. It's somewhere can definitely see ourselves. It has so many opportunities and is so varied and exciting in its culture that even an old fart like me could start something new.

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