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As the days progress, you may notice my clever word play titles becoming more and more tenuous...

But today's post is all about loving local. As you probably know, I have a recurring series on the blog about Local Heroes, independent stores, creatives and individuals from Belfast and across Northern Ireland who are helping this little country that little bit better.

As much as I love the high street and online shopping, meeting and interacting with people who are passionate about their crafts and businesses is inspiring and something you just won't get from big chain retailers.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas I spotted this for me... 6 Gifts a' Local!

(Don't worry, I'm not going to go all League of Gentlemen on you with local gifts for local people)

The Bearded Candlemakers

A previous entry in my Local Heroes series, I've been a fan of these candles for several years now. The quirky inspirations set this brand apart as you won't find the usual scents; you will be immersed in memories and have your imagination piqued with fragrances that evoke.

My personal favourite (and the first of their candles I ever bought) is Professor Sprout's Greenhouse. It reminds me of my dad's greenhouse in summer, the heavy air and sweet damp smell of tomato leaves.

Eadach by Sara O'Neill

Lost Souls pocket square

Not content with creating beautiful silk scarves and wraps for women, local designer, illustrator, stylist and all round wunderkind Sara has just launched her range of silk pocket squares.
Her gorgeously detailed illustrations inspired by Irish myth and scenery create a dramatic pattern on the silk which will only capture interest for the wearer.

Root & Branch

Not only a must-visit Belfast coffee destination, Root & Branch roast and develop their own blends in house so while the ingredients are international, the curation and development is home grown.

Personally I'm a fan of their Ethiopian blend with sweet and fruity notes but there blends to suit any pallet. Why not go for the taster pack and sample 3 of their exclusive brews?

White Chalk Studio

White Chalk Studio of a favourite amongst the NI blog community and Lisa's prints and designs combine retro, modern and artisan with nods to local favourites and international icons.

We have her vintage camera copper post card prints in our lounge. The crisp white card offset with a shimmering copper design is really eye catching. These would make ideal present for a man cave or a fellow blogger.

Field Day

Another home grown success story in the field (pun not intended) of candlemaking, Field Day can be found across Ireland, in independent boutiques, airports and luxury department stores.

My favourite scent is fireside. Our house has a boring old gas fire but the smoky woody fragrance from this candle brings a campfire into our living room

Whalley Silk

I recently attended the launch of the Whalley Silk collection at Suitor Bros. Taking inspiration from landmarks across Northern Ireland, Stephen has captured them in bold abstract paintings, printed on silk pocket squares. 

Supporting small businesses can only benefit your community and city. Why opt for something mass produced when you can get something unique or custom?


On the first day of Christmas I spotted this for me...
Gifts a' Local
For scrawling words
Three fresh scents
New winter gloves 
And a wallet from Mulberry!

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