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Time is clearly running out as I'm behind once again in my posts and having to post double this evening.

Christmas isn't a floating holiday, it always falls on the 25th December but there is always rush in the final hours to just get that one last thing...

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas I Spotted This For Me... 11th Hour Gifting.

On theme of last minute and the 11th Hour, I've pulled a little present idea for when time has just gotten away from you:

The Hurried Hygge Hamper

A box or basket of treats, snacks and a bottle of something is an all round good present. But go beyond the usual and maybe include a book, a plant and a candle. Many people don't want to go over the door during the Christmas break so having some added home comforts will just make it all the more cosy.

The term hygge has been batted about for about 2 years now, the mysterious Scandinavian custom of getting comfy. This is not that new of an idea, most of us love a good night in. But give it a cool name and it's the next big thing!

Anyway, back to the hamper.


  • Crackers: look beyond Jacob's Cream Crackers and add a few varieties 
  • Biscuits. Self-explanatory really.
  • Chocolate: a mix of dark and milk chocolate is a winning combo
  • Cheese & chutney (skip the cheese if your giftee is vegan). Make sure you have a nice mix of textures and flavours.
  • Wine: personally, I think red wine lends itself more to home and the feeling of warmth and comfort.
  • Hot Chocolate: try and avoid the instant stuff but if you have to, go for something such as Green & Blacks for a true chocolatey hit.
  • Liquor: just to liven up the hot chocolate; whiskey, rum or cognac. It doesn't have to be a big bottle, just a miniature as a special treat.

For something slightly left field and for that retro feel, add a bottle of Advocaat. The staple of 70's dinner parties, make snowballs by adding lemonade or add it to the hot chocolate.

Now this sounds weird but I tried it in Berlin when I was there in October and it turns the hot chocolate into this fudgy, moreish chocolate-cake revelation!

  • A good book; check out my last post for some inspiration
  • Candle: go for something homely and woody, now is not the time for clean cotton. I always avoid cinnamon because it's the devils scent but each to their own.
  • Plant: I'd go for something low maintenance like a cactus or succulent, but a mini orchid for some exotic glamour or maybe a Venus Fly Trap for a bit of whimsy.


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