Septembeard 2017 | Best Barbershops in Belfast


Continuing my Septembeard series and also tying into my Local Heroes posts, I'm featuring the best barbershops in Belfast.

Each of these barbershops have been unfortunate enough to have me as a client; I'm fussy about who does my hair and beard and have been know to stop a barber half way through to check length and the lay of my cut. I've even walked out of a bad cut before.
I am fickle in my loyalties and will leave a shop if they haven't given me the cut I wanted even after a series of great styles.

A man's relationship with his barber or hairstylist is one based in trust. Cutting our own hair is beyond most of us so we are putting a lot of faith in the skills and tools of the barber to deliver something we have to wear for the next few weeks.
We have all left a barbershop feeling cheated and deflated after a poor haircut (that moment when they use the mirror to show you the back as it's just as bad as the front) so I've taken one for the team and tried several of the shops in town. 

So in no particular order here's my top picks for a haircut and beard styling in Belfast.

Quarter West
The new kid in town, relocating from Carrickfergus, Quarter West focuses on skill and service. A relatively small set up, they don't rely on gimmicks or thumping music; they let the cuts do the talking.
I've visited a few times now and am impressed with their attention to detail. 

The Man Shack
Part of a growing nationwide chain, The Man Shack counts Carl Frampton and the Belfast Giants among their clients. A top destination on Saturdays, clients are met with banter and a JD & coke. The atmosphere is a bit too laddish for me, but they are doing something right as the queues of eagerly waiting customers can attest!

Back in the late 00's when the metrosexual was stepping into the spotlight, Jason Shankey was the destination in Belfast. I was a regular in the Lisburn Road branch before I moved away from the area.
Still a leading force in male grooming, they have recently expanded into female hair and beauty in their salons. Branches in House of Fraser, Lisburn Road (ask for Louise) and Ballyhackamore.

Peter Oliver
Cultivating a traditional barber shop look but keeping up to date with their styles and cuts. 
Branches in city centre (ask for Olivia), Lisburn Road & east Belfast.

Nearing the end of another Septembeard; keep an eye on my twitter for another giveaway to close out the month!

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