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Any time the temperature rises to double digits over here it's taps aff time for the great unwashed but if you want to bring some actual jungle to the urban jungle, the perpetual tropical trend is the perfect injection of colour and pattern.

Yours truly.

I picked up my tropical print shirt from the Kloth vintage sale a year or so ago.

I've been quite subdued in my style of late, sticking to muted colours and avoiding patterns. However, if there is ever a time to experiment with your style, it's summer. 

Tip: The key to wearing a bold print is to keep the rest of the look simple. Choose a hero piece and let it carry the rest of your outfit

Rogues Gallery alumni Darren Kennedy opting for a red cactus print

Cheese plant/monstera leaves, hibiscus flowers, flamingos, palm trees, birds of paradise, cacti; - so long as it's from a warm country, it's going to work for this trend!

The beauty of this print is it can lend itself to almost anything, from accessories to shirts, trousers, t-shirts and shoes. Remember to not add too many patterns at once as this can just look messy and take away from a real statement piece.

Zara £25.99

For a chic alternative to the usual colours, this black & white bowling shirt will look great paired with cropped black trousers or jeans.

ASOS £40.00 (part of a suit)

Heading to a wedding? Ditch the usual suit & tie and steal the show with this print.

Bershka £49.99 £17.99

I spotted this on my recent trip to Berlin but decided not to buy it.
My lovely better half was down in Dublin last week and picked it up for me as a surprise! I can't wait to wear it.

Denim rather than the satin-look trousers above, these jeans look best worn with simple white or soft greys.

BoohooMan £15.00 £7.50

Caelan wore a similar Boohoo shirt (now sold out) on our trip to Berlin, paring it with simple grey denim shorts to allow the colours to really pop.

Tip: If you are going for a printed shoe, keep your jeans or shorts plain to avoid clashing patterns.

MiPac £29.99

If you're a little cautious of this trend, dip your toe in with accessories such as this bag from MiPac. Taking an expected tropical pattern and draining the colours from it makes for an interesting alternative.


It's vital the make the most of the limited summer we get in the UK and that means breaking some rules regarding your style; especially if those rules are self imposed. Limiting yourself with thoughts of I'm too old/fat/skinny/tall/short to wear that are keeping us all back from discovering and having fun with fashion. If we all looked and dressed the same, the world would be such a dull place. Go explore the jungle!

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