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Continuing #Septembeard with a feature on Westburn & Granite, a small batch brand specialising in male grooming and lifestyle products.

I had been following the company for a little while on Instagram, their mix of scenic photography and stylish editorial product shots caught my eye. When Ryan, the founder of Westburn & Granite, got in touch with the kind offer to trial their beard conditioners, I leapt at the chance.

If I've said it once while reviewing or talking about beard oils, I've said it 1000 times; I hate clove and cinnamon. Why is this even a scent? Why do people want their beard to smell of the dentist or a Christmas wreath? It's not outdoors-y. It's not woodsman-y.
Thankfully, Westburn & Granite have skipped this pungent fragrance combo for masculine, clean, citrus scents. A fresh and invigorating alternative. I have been using the beard conditioning oils for a few weeks now and find them light to wear (some oils can sit on the beard and just look greasy) and have a subtle fragrance which can be worn alone or paired with your favourite aftershave or cologne.
In addition to their collection of beard oils, Westburn & Granite have a range of body bars and hair care.

I am always drawn to smaller, artisanal companies. Their ethos and focus is always on the product and customer rather than profit and expansion. This is clear from the mission statement of the company as a place, a community for artists and creatives to build and communicate. They also just happen to make really good grooming products.

I have kindly been given an exclusive discount code to share with you, my bearded brethren. Try Westburn & Granite out for yourselves and reap the beardy benefits.

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