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Continuing my Septembeard series, I'm welcoming a guest post from my friend Frankie Cronin of Fashionable Frank. A relative newcomer to the realm of men's fashion blogging, he hasn't let that stop him, being shortlisted for Best Fashion Blog at the recent Irish Blog Awards after only 6 months.
I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with him in Dublin recently at some press events and he kindly accepted my invitation to write a guest post. So without further ado, I'll hand it over to Fashionable Frank and his #Septembeard feature.

I snapped this pic of Fashionable Frank last week at the Boohoo Xmas 16 event
Hi, Hello and Welcome!

I would like to Ian for inviting me to guest blog on his brilliant blog, Rogues and Brogues. The #Septembeard idea is a great idea. Something for just us MEN! Ian is a man of vast experience in the Mens Fashion Blogging world. I have had the pleasure of attending some Mens Fashion Press Events with him. He is a great guy AND…..what about the beard?! Its even more impressive in person! It puts my “beard” to shame.


The Beard. One of the few things on God’s green earth we can call our own. It is the ultimate individualistic accessory. Beards have become very popular

My childhood #SEPTEMBEARD

The Beard is something very masculine and these days oozing sophisticated cool. Its a fashion statement! Not all beards are the same, of course. I have always been fascinated with beards. One of my favourite films when I was younger (it still is!) was the The Delta Force starring a bearded action hero in the formidable form of Chuck Norris! The owner of an epic beard! Another on of my childhood idols was Triple H from the WWF/WWE. Again another hairy individual! Triple H had a “designer” string beard. A very cool idea I thought……at the time!

Some of my bearded heroes
The evolution of my #SEPTEMBEARD

As I have matured my interests in beards has also - its natural. For beard inspiration I once again looked to the past. This time with an emphasis on fashion! What facial hair would look good on me or would being clean shaven be my future?! Enter Miami Vice! Style and stubble! Sonny Crockett was much more than a character. He epitomised my fashion interests! Flash style, a stubble that looked great, an interest in fitness and a white Ferrari! My sort of lifestyle!


My “attempts” at beards growing have settled in to my own pattern over the years. I have grown much heavier, thicker beards - proper beards! (usually after a few days of being on the beer!). As I have gotten older I understand my beard much more. I am much more comfortable (and look much better!) with a heavy stubble. I rarely clean shave these days as you will discover later.

I like to shape my stubble. It gives a more chiselled look to my face. I use a corded trimmer to achieve this. The WahlTaper 2000. This beast has leaves a great stubble behind. Its great for taking the weigh out of my beard. I complete the shaping of the beard with a razor.

Tools of the trade
Nivea For Men
The products I use are readily available in your nearest Tesco. I love Nivea For Men products. I am also a big fan of the L’Oreal Men Expert range. I think it important to moisture the face especially around the bearded area. This area can suffer from irritation. I use a post shave balm and moisturise twice a day.

This is the finished product. A weighted designer stubble beard!


We all get our beard inspiration from somewhere, perhaps Frank's was a much more fashionable source than mine (I look like Gimli from Lord of the Rings at times) but then he wouldn't be Fashionable Frank without it!
Thanks again to Frank for taking part - don't forget to give him some loving on Instagram, Twitter and on his blog.

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