The Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging


This is a bit of a break from the norm of reviews or features.

I love my blog, I really do - it's been something I've actually managed to stick to for over 2 years. If you knew how contrary and flaky I am in real life, you'd understand.

In writing my blog, I've experienced such a mix of emotions. (I'm a big believer in bottling that mess up, never let them see you sweat.) But I thought I would try and show my fellow bloggers and readers, both new and old, the highs and lows you can experience when you live your life via a screen.

This is easy, I am proud to have something that I started from scratch and that has been quite well received. However, pride can also be a negative; I don't take criticism of my blog well at all. Spelling or grammar mistakes, how I look on photos; all of this is something I try very hard to avoid so when it happens, its not pleasant.

Of course I'm envious. I look at other bloggers and think "Why didn't I get that opportunity?" "I've been writing longer, why don't I have those following figures?" But this jealousy can lead to bitter resentment and that's never healthy. The thing I have to try and remind myself of is that nobody will tell that story the way I will. I can review a product someone else might have also featured, but they won't write it in my style, with my voice. That is the point of blogging - it's your space

I like to tell myself I don't get angry but occasionally the flame burns a little hotter and I hate everything about blogging. My biggest bugbear are people who claim to be bloggers but don't put the work in. A Facebook page is not a blog. If you write in single paragraph posts and chuck up rubbish photos, you're making the rest of us look bad.

The greedy craving of things and money. I'm guilty of this, I'll get sent a PR sample and then procrastinate putting the post up. But the product is mine now - I don't want to share!!
This is unfair on the company and just makes me look bad.

Laziness, apathy or indifference. This can be linked to my anger and my envy. Sometimes I just think "Frig it, let someone else do it." But then I remember that wasn't why I started. I started with the intent of showing that if someone of my height, my age, my build can enjoy fashion, anyone can. Again, its my voice so nobody else will be able to do it.

Perhaps a bit abstract, but I think this connects to avarice and lusting after things you've seen; needs and wants of things you don't actually require. However, this is the nature of the fashion industry;we never need that many pairs of shoes, or that new shirt, or another pair of jeans. But we are expected and coerced to spending and amassing these things.

Although mostly associated with food, classically gluttony meant overindulgence to the point of waste; usually at the expense of another. A parallel to avarice, bloggers can be gluttons, constantly looking for the next thing to write about, to photograph, to be seen in. This need for sharing and exposure can come at a cost in our personal lives as we can often neglect the special things we have around us.


Thank you for indulging this little tangent, how many of these cardinal sins can you see in your own blogging life?

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