Becoming a Primal Man


  1. 1.
    relating to an early stage in evolutionary development; primeval.
    "primal hunting societies"
    synonyms:originalinitialearly, earliest, firstprimitiveprimevalprimary
    "the sea is the primal source of all living things on earth"

  2. 2.
    most important; primary or fundamental.
    "rivers were the primal highways of life"
    "they ignore their primal masculine instincts"

To become a primal man, one has to re-establish the essentials in grooming. This is the core philosophy behind the Primal Man Shave Club, a monthly subscription service delivering only the finest in shaving and grooming supplies to discerning men. Primal Man Shave Club recently got in touch and asked me to trial their products.

Each month, a varied selection of shaving oils, soaps, balms and blades will be sent, saving you time and effort. 
As I've said before, I'm a reluctant groomer and as a stalwart beard wearer  I was a little dubious how useful a service such as this would be to me. However, the subscription can be cancelled or skipped as needed so if you have all the equipment you need to last you a few more weeks, suspend your next order and pick up when you want.

While I have a beard, I do still pick up a razor on a semi-regular basis to tidy up the edges. By wet shaving around your throat (stop at the Adam's apple to prevent it looking too sculpted) and along your cheeks, it keeps your beard that bit more refined and professional.

Your first delivery will include a premium Primal Man double edge razor - this is a revolution. The simplicity of a single blade and with a substantial weight means the razor does the work for you. It reduces the need to shave over the same spot again, helping to eliminate irritation or cuts. You'll also receive a shaving brush and soap, the only true way to enjoy a real close shave.

By lathering up with a traditional badger brush and shaving soap, you not only soften your beard bristles, but it helps condition your skin too.

Following deliveries will include varying soaps, brushes, creams and additional extras such as these handy alum matches, the barber's secret weapon when it comes to nicks and cuts. A quick dab with these will help stop any bleeding and save your collars!

A month-to-month subscription costs £24.95, a reasonable expenditure to keep looking good. Should you decide to commit to a quarterly, bi-annual or annual subscription, you save even more money.

The traditional barbering techniques have never been more popular but if you don't have the time to visit your local, save time and money and have your barber delivered to your door.

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