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While I like to visit new places, I don't really enjoy the "travel" part of travelling. I get fidgety and bored and need something to distract me while flying. Being a blogger doesn't help as I want to read or write or record most of the time. With that in mind, I packed a few essentials for blogging on the go during my recent Oslo trip.

Snugg iPad case
The folks at The Snugg kindly sent me a new case for my iPad Mini a few weeks back and I knew it was the perfect accessory to take on my trip. I didn't want to bring my laptop and the case's built-in keyboard turns it into a handy notebook. The case also swivels and folds back on itself, allowing you to use it as a standard tablet or freestanding for watching videos. I went for vibrant lime green so I can easily find it in the bottom of a bag.

Polaroid Cube

Another present from Caelan (I'm spoilt I know), I'd written a wish-list post for this little gizmo a while back and was excited to take it on its first big outing. A 1080p HD camera in a splash-proof, shock-proof cube with a handy magnetic for snapping and filming on the go. I've uploaded some pictures and footage taken on the Polaroid Cube from our trip below.
 It does remind me a little bit of Zelda's robots from the Terrahawks. The show scared the shiznit out of me as a kid but I do love my cube, so I'm dealing with the stress.

By the way, if you watch this the whole way through; thank you - you deserve a medal!

Moleskine Journal app

I love Moleskine notebooks. I have a few in my collection but I am averse to actually writing in them as I feel I'll only ruin them with my messy handwriting.
Enter the digital version of the classic Moleskine notebooks as a handy free app. You can choose between plain, ruled, squared, story board or planner pages. What I love most about it is it's just not a digital interface, you can write by hand too if you fancy a sketch or doodle amongst your notes. I think it's a little more creative than the usual notepad apps available. (It even has a virtual elastic strap closure) In addition to all this fun, you can password lock the app if you choose to use it as a journal.

What are your go-to gadgets when you're blogging out and about?

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