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In the latest piece in my series, I'm featuring the hirsute heroes of The Beardy Beard Co.

The company has been on my radar since the start of the year. Beard oil is a booming market but it seems every bloke with a few hairs on his chin thinks he can manufacture and market beard oil. The market is becoming saturated in inferior oil, all with similar themes; lumberjack, sailor or biker (like a bearded Village People) and often the same scent.

The man behind the beard behind the brand is Pete and I recently caught up with him.

the set-up at studio souk

The Beardy Beard Co was born out of Pete's frustration at the lack of quality beard products. Being in possession of an impressive beard of his own and having tried many international alternatives, he saw the potential of a homegrown beard oil.

The company is proud of the use of natural scents and oils in all their products. My favourite is the black pepper, grapefruit and mandarin oil - it's a fresh masculine scent, perfect for Summer.

I'd go for the clove, pine and orange in winter, it's heavier, woodier and a little bit Christmas.
If you want to keep it simple, you can choose the unscented oil; it will offer all the same nourishment and conditioning but you can add your own scent with your cologne or EDT

In addition to the core beard oils, they offer 2 styles of beard balm; a luxurious mix of shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax, designed to tame those more unruly of beards.

What I like most about the company is that it doesn't limit itself to just a grooming product; it's a lifestyle brand and boys club. You can wear your Beardy Beard t-shirt or hoodie, or fix your quiff (and open your beer) with their signature comb.
The company even has a wall of bearded ambassadors, men chosen because they embody the company and its ethos.

You can find The Bearded Beard Co products online, in Studio Souk and selected good barbers across the country.

They say there is honor among thieves but there is fraternity among beards.

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