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With less than week until Father's Day, if you haven't got your old man anything, you need to get the finger out.

Speaking of "old man", the theme of this Father's Day selection is to help your dad look and feel a little less old.

I've created a wash kit filled with all my favourite products that I've found to work.

While not everyone will use a washbag on a daily basis, it's always handy to have for weekends away or going to the gym or hospital. Avoid novelty bags and go for something stylish and understated. This one is from Joules but I really love these tweed ones from Not On The High Street.

Gone are the days of soap and water. A face wash is an essential to help prevent dryness and regulate oils to help curb outbreaks. I recently discovered the joys of Kalamazoo by Lush and cannot recommend it enough.

Moisturising may not be seen to be the most manly of activities, but it's a necessity to prevent those early wrinkles. Look for one with an SPF built in to protect against sun ageing. Hydrator by Scaramouche & Fandango does all this.

Many men sport beards nowadays (or even the odd Ned Flanders moustache) and a good beard oil is essential to keep it nourished and looking its best. I love the smell of The Beardy Beard Co black pepper, grapefruit and mandarin oil, it will double as a cologne in a pinch!

I have tried pretty much every high-street hair product over the years and I continue to go back to American Crew Fiber. It's easy to apply, has a matte finish, strong hold and doesn't make my hair go greasy like some products... naming no names. I buy mine from eBay, you save a bomb compared to beauty sites or direct from salons.

Hand cream is something you should always have to hand (narf). Whether to soften calluses from gardening or lifting weights, soothe dry winter skin or just to make your handshakes a bit more pleasant for the recipient, it pays look after your paws. Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream is concentrated so a little does a lot!

We never want to think of our dad's kissing anyone, but that's no excuse for him not to look after his lips. If he spends his spare time outside, sunshine and wind will dry them out and sore, cracked lips are never pleasant. Molton Brown's lip saver is so far removed from the greasy horrors of Vaseline. It's nourishing and doesn't make you look like you've been snogging the butter.

Packing while travelling is never a fun task and we inevitably bring more than we need so where we have the chance to streamline our luggage, grab it! The Mint Boom 3-in-1 wash from Wingman works as a shower gel, shampoo and shave gel. While perhaps not ideal for everyday, it's great for trips and the minty zing is so refreshing!

Personally, I don't like my deodorant to smell like a deodorant. I don't want that typical "masculine" scent, so I always go for Sanex. It's hard to beat in terms of perspiration control and it just has a fresh clean scent. There's no point in me providing you with a link here, you can get it for next to nothing most supermarkets and chemists

Whether you sport a quiff, a parting or that just outta bed look, a hairbrush is always useful and a compact one, even more so. The Tangle Teezer Compact Groomer is a sleek and small brush that is great just after the shower or for a quick fix up
The addition of the Denman shower brush to be ablutions has completely changed how I wash my hair, It's like a portable Indian head massage and really stimulates your scalp and ensures a thorough shampoo session. (Did you know Denman is a Local Hero? Their headquarters are in Bangor, Co. Down)

For some extra treats, you can get a little bit sneakier...
With so many restrictions on volume when travelling, EDT and aftershave samples make much more sense than bringing a big bottle with you. Just pay a visit to your local counter and ask for a small selection to include in your wash bag. This means have also done half the leg work for future birthday or Christmas presents as you can just ask which was their favourite. You're welcome.

I hope you find some inspiration for gifts here and hope you have a great day with your dad this Sunday. Make the most of the time you have and try not to roll your eyes too much when he starts one of his stories!

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