Touching Kloth


Last Sunday I took myself into Belfast for a good old rummage at the Kloth Vintage Kilo Sale.

I had been sent a fun invitation from Orla, the brains behind Kloth, in the form of a revamped vintage sweatshirt in my favourite shade of green (How did she know?) The premise was simple; pick what you like, take it to be weighed and pay £20.00 per kilo.

 I do love vintage clothing but find the selection here really limited. I think it boils down to men either buying cheap clothes and they end up wearing out and being chucked, or men just don't seem to turn-over their clothes as much as women so there is less to giveaway.

Anyway, I excitedly made my way to Studio Souk who were hosting the event, arriving around 1.10 (it started at 1.00) and my chronic need to be early for things paid off as there was already a swarm of determined vintage shoppers mauling the rails to pick up some bargains.

It was great to see a good menswear offering, with silk bombers, parka jackets, ski coats, Hawaiian shirts, flannel shirts and denim being the main stories.
It was also refreshing to see a great turn out of male shoppers too - just goes to show that there is a market for it here in Belfast and hopefully it is the shape of things to come.

I bumped into my friend Carolyn of Forever Scarlet who was tackling the womenswear section.

I had my eye on a burgundy silk bomber jacket - I envisioned myself as the Driver from Driver. However, the unflattering reality is I'm clearly not Ryan Gosling and resigned myself to allowing a better man than me to carry off the look.

I was pretty pleased with my mini haul. I went for some over-sized pieces, just the sort of comfy casual things you look for for summer, the shirt you pull on at a barbecue when the sun goes down.
I was also delighted to pick up a vintage Levi denim jacket - I begrudge buying a high street knockoff when I can have the real thing.

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