Fifteen Shades of Grey


Just when you thought the fuss of the books had finally died down (the shelves of every charity shop I have visited in the past year are crammed with the 3 volumes) the infamous "love story" Fifty Shades of Grey hits the big screens on today, just in time for Valentine's Day. How romantic.

I've never read the books nor do I plan to. I'm not prudish, however, I do like a good book and supposedly these are nothing like good book, filled with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and a GCSE level of writing ability. (Plus a series of books spawned from rejected Twilight fan-fiction should be approached with caution in my opinion) That aside, the author has made a fortune capitalizing on tapping her readers/frustrated sexpots secret desires and fair play to her.
Apparently B&Q staff have been given notice to expect a surge in sales of padlocks, rope and cable ties after the release of the film. I just go there for my paint and plants...

Anyway, this is too good a bandwagon not to jump on but rather than filling your screen with 50 must-have menswear pieces I thought I'd opt for a more manageable 15 Shades of Grey (see what I did there?)

1. Uniqlo grey Oxford button down shirt
2. Next grey swirl pocket square
3. Samuel Windsor grey fisherman's jumper

4. Clarks Originals greystone desert boots
5. New Balance 410 grey trainers
6. Next grey suede derby shoes

7. Reiss Puro grey document holder
8. ASOS monotone grey watch
9. Ted Baker grey contrast wallet

10. Forever 21 grey polka dot trousers
11. Burton charcoal grandad t-shirt
12. Topman dark grey heritage jacket

13. H&M grey bomber jacket
14. Boohoo grey skinny jeans
15. New Look dark grey parka coat

There you have it, a much more appropriate and altogether tasteful collection of shades of greys. If you do go see the movie, shame on you. Dirty dirty dirty.

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