Last-Minute Halloween Costumes


Left it to the last minute or just been invited to an impromptu party and you haven't sorted your costume yet?

Here's my suggestions of a couple of quick-fix costumes using items you probably already have or can pick up today while avoiding the usual costume-hunting crowd.

Clark Kent

The unassuming alter-ego of Superman is an easy one to pull off.

  1. First, dig out your suit, white shirt and suitably conservative tie. 
  2. Nip to Forbidden Planet and pick up a Superman tshirt - wear this under your shirt to be unbuttoned for a quick reveal.
  3. Finish the look by grabbing some reading glasses - you can get these in Poundland and even most petrol stations. 
  4. Clark is the epitome of geek, a Kryptonian pastiche of mankind, so ensure your hair is suitably parted. You can rework the trademark S curl when you unveil your superhero identity.
  • If you happen to have the physique of a god, all the better but this is optional...

Indiana Jones

Dr Jones is equal parts nerd and action hero
  1. Nearly everyone has a pair of khaki chinos - this is the base of your outfit
  2. Pair this with a soft cotton shirt. You should have something suitable but if you're stuck, this poplin one from H&M is ideal.
  3. Indiana Jones is nothing without his hat (What else would he almost leave behind after escaping deathtraps?) This felt one from Zara is perfect and you can continue to wear it after Halloween 
  4. Pull on a leather jacket - ideally brown but black will do for the effect and sling your man-bag across your body.
  5. The ubiquitous whip can be a tricky accessory. Unless it's part of your usual social life, you can pick a novelty one up from Ann Summers.
  • A peppering of stubble will complete the look

Whatever you get up to this evening - have a great time! Leave me a comment below describing your costume.

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