Below The Belt


Although I could be accused of doing this quite often, in this post I really will be talking a load of balls.

Male grooming encompasses many things but rarely do companies mention, or actually cater for, the biological accompaniments of manhood.

Below the Belt Grooming is a company that does just that.

I recently won 2 of their products in a twitter giveaway so thought it only appropriate to give them a good going over. Don't worry, my pictures have a U rating!

below the belt male grooming rogues and brogues blog

The skin on different parts of your body needs different care; moisturiser, cleanser and deodorant. When it comes to keeping yourself at your best, Fresh & Dry Balls is the obvious choice for the area in question. The deodorant is like a liquid talc, it absorbs moisture and has a clean scent, leaving you confident all day.

below the belt male grooming rogues and brogues blog

Men sweat. It's nature. The thing is that not everything in nature is always pleasant smelling. Now I don't think I need to advocate the need for a shower but when we don't have time or are not in the locality, the Waterless Shower is a handy alternative. A small palm-ful of the gel applied between me down there will get rid of any musky smell. The gel is quick drying and leaves the boys feeling cool and clean.

below the belt male grooming rogues and brogues blog

We tend to pay this area a lot of attention, but perhaps not the kind of attention it deserves. Treat the team to some TLC and feel a lot better for it.

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