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Today's want is something all men should have. I'm talking about a good suit.

I have said previously, I feel out of place in a suit. It is discomforting when something doesn't fit well and suits never fit me well off the peg. Sleeves, seat and in-seam all usually have to be adjusted and having so many alterations before you can wear it can take the appeal away.

Regardless, I should persevere. I own a light grey suit and while it worked at a summer wedding earlier this year, it's too pale for winter. 

I can't do a skinny suit as frankly, I'm not skinny. Even regular fit is sometimes tricky as I have large calves which make trouser fits awkward. Round shoulders and small stature also contribute to suit buying problems. 

Navy or dark grey preferably (black is for funerals) which means you can experiment with your shirt & tie combos to help break it up. Don't forget I have plenty of shoe options which will work with either colour.

the aforementioned suit
So I'm on the hunt for a 3 piece wool suit to become my go-to for any formal(ish) occasion that might arrive. (I want a 3 pieces because the waistcoat can help change the entire look depending on the event plus it helps hold the old belly in)

This grey flannel twill suit from Ted Baker at House of Fraser caught my eye as it has a classic shape, unfussy cloth and the dark colour will work with almost anything. (I'd hope to be a bit more inventive with the shirt and tie)
Throw in the fact it's down to £171 from £429 and its hard to beat. I just need a seamstress to take pity on misshapen me and get it to fit!
Ted Baker Blendz suit 

I'm off this week so I might just have to go check out my virtual window shopping in real life and see if my instincts are correct!

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