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You can deny it all you want, but summer seems to have given up and we've jumped straight into autumn if the darker and cooler evenings are anything to go by.

This being said, I am not despairing. I LOVE autumn; the clothes, the food, the atmosphere. I can stop pretending to enjoy being too warm and having to layer up and down according to the changeable weather. I can now embrace the best season of the year!

I have spoken before of my love of scarves and my ongoing search for the elusive (affordable) blanket scarf. ASOS chucks up a few alternatives, but they're in the women's department and not what I have in my head. Burberry offer this gorgeous thing but at £995, it's a little out of budget.

burberry graphic blanket scarf
While in my head, I'm brave enough to don this poncho-esque beauty, I don't know if the streets of Belfast could cope with my fantasticness.

Measuring a sizeable 192x134cm, it is literally a blanket, so I got to thinking (I'm turning into a SATC cliche) feck it - why not just buy a blanket and have some craic? This tartan wool mix travel blanket from the Edinburgh Woollen Mill could be a bold and fun statement. Wear it like true Highland plaid like the model above, draped over one shoulder. At just £20.00, it's an affordable style experiment.
(I know I'll probably chicken out and it will become my sofa buddy, but I also have a romanticised vision of curling up under it with my laptop and be all pretentious and writery)
of course, it would have to be campbell tartan
I hope you're enjoying my little indulgent Wednesday fantasies; it's my way of living vicariously when I'm limited by budget or my own fears.

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  1. Belfast will never be prepared for your fabulousness but I think you should definately rock the blanket poncho look!!


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