What I Want Wednesday


Still on my spend ban, I am trawling the internet; digitally window shopping for all the things I could buy.

This week I'm wanting something that isn't even out yet. I'm not a huge techie but this stylish and impressive little gizmo caught my eye in an article on Highsnobiety yesterday.

In the era of blogging, vlogging and sharing pretty much every event in our lives, this down-right-cute camera climbs the top of my list. It might even encourage me to make the Taggled video I promised Ruth months ago...

Waterproof, shockproof, 1080p digital lens, miscro SD slot and up to 90mins recording time all crammed into a 35mm cube for $99 - what's not to love? (I would totally pretend I finally have my own little robot buddy too as it has a magnetic foot so you can take him anywhere)

monkey stand

It's released later this month (Polaroid's site is scant with details and I couldn't find any pre-order options on the likes of Amazon) but I will be keeping my little eye on it and let you know when it appears.

What pieces of kit do you use for your blog?

*images property of Polaroid

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