Dads Do's & Don'ts: Foolproof Father's Day


Father's day is rapidly approaching and while we are all being bombarded with perfect gift articles and emails, how many of us have dads who would actually want or need these supposed essentials.

My dad is a quiet man, he knows what he likes but will never say or drop hints when it comes to gifts. I can't see him wanting a "Best Dad" t-shirt or hanging a hand-written sign on his shed door. He owns 2 ties - a black one for funerals and a navy one for everything else. He doesn't wear aftershave and he certainly doesn't moisturise (although for a while he used my face scrub as hair gel, reasoning they were both in black tubes.)

So this is my guide (for want for a better word) not for the man who has everything, but for the man who asks for nothing.

Get him a hobby
My dad has retired and to keep him occupied (and out from under my mum's feet) he has developed a hobby of starting hobbies; gardening, woodturning, family ancestry, chicken keeping... the list goes on.
Check out part-time courses, magazine subscriptions or starter kits. The beauty of this is it will make future gift buying easier as you just need to top up his materials or get a new book etc. Just make sure it's something he's interested in!

Go for classic
If you are buying your dad clothes, make it something that isn't going to quickly date. A casual watch, a white oxford shirt, chinos or a decent wool sweater - wardrobe staples that he will be comfortable in will always make him look good.

Dads are men
As stereotypical as it might sound, most men don't want a teddy bear. Or a mug. Or ornaments. Or any kind of  impractical gifts really. If it has a function, it will usually be well received. Gadgets and tools can be a little boring but look for something with unusual features - if in doubt, look for either the biggest or the smallest! He might never be James Bond, but let him have a little fun!

Let me know if you find something inspiring or different for your old man!

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