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No man ever has too many cufflinks ABC of Men's Fashion - Hardy Amies

I don't often have a need to wear a double cuff shirt, but when I do, I don't want to let down a sharp look with a poor choice of cuff-links.

Cuff-links could be considered the equivalent to earrings for women; something we want noticed but do not want to worry too much about.

They should make a subtle statement, but this is not an excuse to don novelty or gimmicky cuff-links. Leave them in the pack with the tie they came free with.

I have somehow managed to lose my favourite pair; a simple sterling silver barrel that went with every damn thing. So I treated myself to this pair (a little snazzier than I usually go for) from the Argento clearance store for only £5.00! Stainless steel with a mosaic inlay of abalone shell (sometimes referred to as father of pearl which I think is a great term) they have a subtle shimmer without being gaudy.

I won this fab pair of sycamore seed cuff-links from La Jewellery in a giveaway on Chivalrous. They're about as whimsical as I would venture in a cuff-link. I love the fact they are in brass rather than silver or chrome. Their nature inspired design and antique-effect finish give them a country heritage feel and are perfect set against a tweed jacket. I'm thinking they might be ideal as groomsman gifts too... *hint*

The team over at Flynch kindly sent me this pair of silk knots recently. The classic combination of claret and navy means they are suitable for work without being boring. The double monkey-fist knot is a nice change to the usual lever back and as they are fabric, you won't get that irritating clink while you type. Very reasonably priced at £16.50 for 4 pairs, keep a pair in your desk drawer for a quick change.

A double or French-cuff shirt is really only suitable for a formal or professional occasion. Resist the temptation to wear it with jeans. You owe it to yourself to get it right.

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  1. Great post Ian! That's a shame that you lost your favourite pair of cufflinks - they can be so personal! and I love the look of your new ones, very unique - a good choice! I'm glad you like the sycamore cufflinks too - it's great to see them where they're meant to be! Keep it up! :) Bob


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