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It's been just over a week since the climatic (if somewhat cliched) finale of season 3 of the BBC's brilliant Sherlock and I am already missing it.

I've been a fan of Sherlock for many years, reading many of the stories in my teens and being raised on the Jeremy Brett version by my mum (she is a murder-mystery obsessive). The modern adaptation of Sherlock is a fresh and welcome change to the skewed view of the deer-stalker wearing detective we all think we know.

Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock is a man of the times, embracing modern technology and fashion with a carefree and indifferent edge that makes his style so appealing. This apparent lack of interest in anything other than "the game" belies a clear need for structure in his life and his uniform shows this.

Rarely seen out of formal wear, his suit is a suit of armour for this flawed hero.  He shows that a suit doesn't restrict, rather that it empowers. Seeing a man run (literally) all over London in a suit, it is clear that fit is key and finding the perfect suit is a labour of love rather than a thankless chore.

I've selected some of the key pieces and iconic looks from the series and found a few style-steals to help you channel your inner Baker Street Irregular.

First up is the iconic over coat

The coat worn in the show is the Belstaff Milton coat. At a whopping £1250 it is not the coat for everyone but such was the demand that the company brought it out of retirement following the success of the first season.  (Rarely worn without the vintage Paul Smith scarf seen above.)

Never seen in bright colours, the unusual inclusion of this purple Dolce & Gabbana shirt is still a staple of the Sherlock wardrobe. Purple is a great colour for most men, rich and warm, it's strong without being garish

You can't contaminate a crime scene with finger prints so a pair of leather gloves are a must for any gentleman
These heavy pieces are by Paul Smith.

Finally we come to Sherlock's days off. Not one to don a hoodie and I doubt he'd know what a onesie is, he does seem rather partial to a dressing gown (or 3.)
Another uniform of sorts, Sherlock resorts to his dressing gown when he is in his melancholic maudlin state, searching for a break-through. We all crave comfort in our clothing at times but most of us have forgotten that doesn't mean we can be slobs.

Here's my break down on those must-haves:

  1. Peter Werth Morton Reefer Jacket (House of Fraser) £174: The classic combo of double-breasted & houndstooth will keep this coat stylish for years to come. Get it dry cleaned before you store it for summer.
  2. River Island purple pin-collar shirt £30: The skewed formality of the collar pin is a little more classic Holmes (think the Downey Jr movie version) but modern enough to be suave.
  3. ASOS leather gloves £20: A good basic piece of wardrobe kit, these gauntlet shaped gloves will keep your knuckles toasty while on your phone (although your iPhone won't work with them)
  4. M&S Winceyette (god i love that word) dressing gown £17.50: Part Hugh Heffner, part home comfort, all about the Sunday morning malaise.
I hope you've enjoyed my latest installment to the Rogues Gallery series, I'd love to hear who your style inspirations are & maybe feature them in a future post.

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