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I got to chatting to Ruth via our blogs and my "real" job during the summer and finally met up when she attended the Argento autumn catalogue photoshoot.  

A writer with a truly individual style, I was delighted to write a guest post for her in September so I asked if she would do me the honour of writing something for me. Here it is; my first guest post!

Hello Rogues and Brogues readers! I'm Ruth and I run the lifestyle blog Willow Lane. Ian was good enough to do a guest post on my blog a few months ago and now I get to do my first ever guest post!

Ian has challenged me to think about what my style would be like if I were a guy. I knew instantly that my other half Phill would be a huge influence for this challenge. Phill used to be a singer in a band and is a rocker through and through. Like me, he isn't all that interested in following trends and he likes to pick up things from charity shops to make his look that bit more individual. I really admire his style and it's very sexy to me.

Some girls like their men in skinny jeans, but not me. I've always said I couldn't be with a guy with thinner legs than me! Phill has a wide selection of bootcut and flare jeans which are mostly from old faithful Topman. He also likes his accessories and over the years I've bought him a ton of wrist cuffs but his favourite piece is a vintage ring with a turquoise stone I picked up at a vintage fair years ago.

So...if I were a boy I'd definitely dress with a rockstar, hippy edge and I'd be piling on the jewellery! Think Johnny Depp mixed with Keith Urban!

  1. Topman Flared jeans £30.00
  2. River Island stag print shirt £30.00
  3. ASOS beanie hat £6.00
  4. Argento braided silver bracelet £65.00
  5. H by Hudson suede chelsea boots £130.00
  6. River Island gunmetal ring £5.00

Thanks again to Ruth for writing for this fun & interesting post; it's great to have a fresh voice on my blog with different tastes. I urge you to check out her blog for an array of posts from fashion to friendship.
Ruth & I at the AW Argento photoshoot
To all (if I have many) of my female readers, what do you think your style would be like if fate had dealt a different card?

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  1. Thanks for letting me be a guest blogger Ian. I loved writing this post and thinking like a boy for a change! Ruth x


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