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It's the second installment in my Rogues Gallery feature, a look at my favourite style icons from music, TV or film.

For those of you who don't know Parks & Recreation - shame on you! To be fair, BBC3 have only recently cottoned on to one of the funniest shows in years (5 seasons later) but I've been streaming it from the start and love the observational, dry humour of the writing and the perfect delivery from the cast. Set in the fictional Parks and Recreation department of Pawnee, Indiana, the show is a mockumentary of the goings-on in local government.

Ben Wyatt (brilliantly portrayed by Adam Scott) was introduced in the second season as a villain of sorts, brought in to cut budgets and upset the balance of the happy team. While he's turned over the seasons from the jobsworth loser to leading man, his geeky, preppy style has been a constant focus and I've coveted many of his looks. 

The array of button-downs, tweed, checked shirts, knitted ties and Member's Only sounds like something you would expect from a substitute geography teacher, but it suits Ben's awkward style, a reluctant icon. It's the easy, almost accidental cool of his style that I love. There are no logos or trends, just a guy who apparently doesn't care about his clothes, but gets it so right.

I love Member's Only jackets - there's something about their boxy, vintage shape that just appeals to me. I had a black one many moons ago that was "accidentally" sent to a charity shop. I've never really gotten over it.

A vintage style t-shirt is a great relaxed look. Wear it with your favourite jeans.
A vintage tee is different to an old tee. If it's baggy or ball-y, bin it.

I have recently beaten a checked-shirt habit. They don't have to be casual, keep it fitted and wear with a block colour tie.
The majority of men own a blue shirt of some description. A button-down collar is that little bit of added conservative cool. For god's sake, wear a shirt that fits - no billowing blouses or strained buttons.

These photos are from a Maxim editorial and while not directly from the show's wardrobe, they capture the essence of the character and the theme of outdoors. The colours, layering and textures are the look I'm going for now that autumn has finally arrived.

Buy a bow tie. Just do it. Have some fun.
Gratuitous beaver shot

Ok, I've gushed enough. Here are some inspired pieces to help you tap the look.

Official Li'l Sebastian Tee $26.00
H&M mustard cardigan £14.99

Zara Narrow Knitted Tie £22.99
Topman Peace Corps Harrington Jacket £30.00

Samuel Windsor tattersall shirt £15.00

Next blue check jacket £110.00

Image 1 of ASOS Skinny Chino
ASOS navy skinny chinos £23.00
MEN Extra Fine Cotton Broadcloth Checked L/S Shirt B
Uniqlo button down shirt £19.90
I hope your enjoying my Rogues Gallery posts; who should I feature next? Which personality or character inspires your style or piques your interest? Leave a comment below and I might add them to my list of future Rogues/

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