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Yes, I know. I'm contradicting myself a little. Ok, a lot. I've said many times I do not often buy designer items and it's true, but one can admire the luxurious from a distance when your wallet doesn't allow you to indulge yourself.
My luxury brand of choice is Mulberry. Many think of it as just a handbag brand, but believe me, it's so much more. I love everything about it; the rich colours, heavy smell and supple buttery texture of the leather, the soft patina of the hardware and the traditional skills used in manufacture.

Embossing Mulberry's trade mark logo

I am lucky enough to own 2 pieces; a wallet and a bag. The wallet was a birthday gift from my team when I managed Argento Belfast and I picked up my bag on sale. (A really big sale.)

My wallet is approaching 3 years old and it's just getting better with age. While the exterior has lost some the distinct Mulberry oak colour that I love, it has taken on so much character. Scratched, buffed and softened, it's now a distinct accessory. While I didn't buy it myself, it is a worthy investment and I can see it lasting for many more years to come.

So many cards, so little money...

My Rockley bag is only really brought out on special occasions. A little too large for everyday use, I'm quite precious about it - I don't want it rained on or getting polished from carrying it. I tend to use it as an over night bag because it can easily fit a change of clothes and all my essentials without any bulging or cramming.

As much as this perfect pair is probably more than enough (with a combined price tag of almost £1k) there is always that covetous voice saying "one more bit, just one..."

I used to work for Carter Clothing, it was (in its time) Belfast's premier luxury fashion shop selling the likes of Hugo Boss, D&G, John Varvatos, Richard James and Mulberry. New stores have since begun to stock these brands but they do not offer the same approach to their accessories. Belfast's House of Fraser's Mulberry is housed on the women's accessory floor and as such their limited offering is not very inspiring or aspirational.

The thing about a true luxury brand is if you've seen it, felt it (smelt it in Mulberry's case) you know the level of quality and craftsmanship to expect. With this in mind, shopping online is my current best option. I know that whatever I order, from a phone case to a new satchel, it will still be made of the same leather, the same care and professional skills have gone into making it. John Lewis have one of the largest men's Mulberry selections on the web.
Side note; John Lewis is perhaps the best department store in the UK. Their homewares and fashion collections are amazing, bute've yet to get a John Lewis over here due to planning restrictions and red tape. This is a major bone of contention, don't punish the consumer by limiting their options further! So until then, I'll be pointing my debit card towards their online checkout.

These are high up on my wishlist and with Christmas and my birthday approaching, I can wish a little
harder... (My BF will be rolling his eyes so hard when he reads this)

Classic Card Holder £90.00
A slim piece of kit, this will not create an unsightly bulge in a suit jacket
Reversible Belt £250.00
I've written before about my aversion to black footwear.
Should the occasion arise I'm all sorted.
Rose Gold Mother of Pearl Cufflinks £115.00
Rose gold has been the story of the year in women's jewellery and the warm tones work just as well for men

Textured Lizard Print iPad Sleeve £195
Not everything has to be black or brown. Add a bit of character with a bold colour choice

Barnaby Messenger Bag £650.00
This bag is a great size for every day use.
That's all the justification I need.

I love their current marketing campaign (with the ever-present Cara Delevigne) and a whole parliament of owls.

This post has been a little indulgent and I know it exceeds the budget of many, but living by the rules all the time can be so boring. Investing in something special, something drawing on classic British heritage and craftsmanship, something that will go beyond trend and season will never be too expensive.

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