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I've always taken pride in my wardrobe. I'm fussy when it comes to ironing, folding, hanging and storing my clothes; I even turned down a first date with my BF as I was busy re-organising my closet. But for all the effort I go to, I had never given my hangers much thought. (Other than abiding by Mommy Dearest's mantra of No wire hangers ever!) So when I was approached about a month ago by Kirby Allison's Hanger Project, I was a curiously skeptical.

After Kirby introduced himself and the objective of his business, to offer luxury hangers and storage worthy of the investment our wardrobes can represent; it suddenly all fell into place.

Why would we not invest in luxury hangers to store and preserve the clothes we invest time and a helluva lot of money? It's the logic that sees men spend £100's on a suit and sling it in the wardrobe on a hanger that came from a pack of 5 for £10.

Kirby was inspired to start his company after seeing so many suits damaged from poor storage. As a former investment banker, a good suit is part of the job so he knows what works.

Perhaps the Project's most clever feature, beautifully simple in retrospect, is the option of different sizes of hangers. One size does not fit all in clothing ergo the same cannot be said for storage. Correct contours for shirts, flared shoulders for suits & coats and a deep drop on trouser hangers all make for smart storage which will prolong the life of your clothes.

The company offers much more than just hangers and I was generously sent a wide selection of products, each one perfect for the discerning chap who cares for this clothes. Their full product selection is everything the dapper modern man requires from collar stays and cufflinks to shaving kits and hand made ties. Look no further if you're starting to plan for Christmas!

Firstly, I have to talk about the quality of the wood used. Going from IKEA hangers that regularly broke under the weight of a pair of trousers, The Hanger Project hangers are a revelation. Composed of solid wood with secure metal hardware, they are available in 3 choices; birch, maplewood and beech.

These are the 3 suit hangers I received in the 3 wood options. Each style comes with either brass or chrome hardware & black or brown flocked trouser bars - perfect from preventing slippage. The consideration of offering a choice of finish means they can suit any bedroom or dressing room. Each suit hanger has a 2.5" flare at the shoulder ensuring your suits don't lose shape, cutting down on trips to the dry cleaner to have them pressed again.

Suit hangers
Set of 3: $74.85
Next up are the shirt hangers. So often I see shirt hangers that are almost triangular in shape and since nobody has a body like that, it can only be bad for our clothes. These contours support your shirts and, with the correct sizing, prevent the shoulders dropping.
(Tip: Always button the top button of a hanging shirt - it will stop the collar spreading which can be a nightmare to iron back into shape)
Shirt Hangers
Set of 10: $55.00
The trouser hangers are composed of solid birch and I like the wide space between bar & hanger - this makes hanging your trouser so much easier. The felt flocking will also hold fabric in place without damage. Granted, I don't have to wear dress pants for my job, so I'm giving these to the BF for his work wardrobe.
Trouser hangers.
Set of 5: $40.00
Here are the hangers in action (please excuse the poor lighting, but it was shot inside my wardrobe)

The broad shoulders of the suit hanger can also be used for light weight coats
In addition to receiving my hangers, Kirby was also kind enough to send me one of the Hanger Project's monogrammed shoe horns (made from real horn in the UK) and Safir Medaille d'Or shoe polish and Renovateur. From the title of this blog you might have guessed I have a thing for shoes and these awesome products will be getting their own special post. I just had to show you them first!
Mortimer genuine ox shoe horn
From $55.00
Safir Medaille d'Or. Considered the best shoe polish in the world
I can't wait to try this out, watch our for a new post
From $18.95 
Kirby Allison, the man himself.
Along with all of these goodies, I received a full product portfolio and company brief. I have never received a more thorough, informative and professional presentation - a credit to this obviously passionate company.

The story of the delivery is almost a blog post in itself! After initial shipment from the States, I missed the post at my house & subsequently asked for a redelivery to my office. The delivery crew then decided to leave it at our warehouse to save them the trip to the office. My MD kindly offered to pick it up for me, but she then left the box in the boot of her car while it went in for service and then she went on a week's vacation! I finally got my mitts on the package last night and all I can say is that the products are well worth the wait.

With Christmas approaching, there is a plethora of gift ideas on the site and I'll be featuring more in my planned gift guides in the coming months

(BTW guys, if you are investing in this product ( and I can't recommend it enough), don't forget to tell your girl friends. The Runway Collection is designed especially for women's clothes.)

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  1. This is a great idea - you invest so much into your clothes, we should take more care of them:) I would need a wardrobe extension though!!

  2. Before they contacted me I hadn't given it 2 thoughts, but it makes so much sense! I can't afford to change all my hangers in one go though...

  3. This is a smart concept.I am using butlerluxury hangers for my wardrobe which gives a stylish look to my wardrobe.


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