All Fall Down


While I've enjoyed our unusually hot summer, I am an autumn/winter kind of guy.

I'd much rather be cold than warm so I like the option of layering up. The textures & colours of autumn fashion is much more appealing to me with richer tones and mixtures of wool, leather, cord and cotton making up my wardrobe.

Truth be told, I don't really have a summer wardrobe. The main difference is that during the summer I don't always carry a coat. This was evident this year when I discovered I had no shorts and had to resort to taking up old chinos.

I had a tidy up of my wardrobe last night and thought I'd give you a little peek inside and some of my favourite pieces I can't wait to break out again.

My favourite Cambridge Satchel & my wool beanie
 (A bargain bin find at £3.00 from Topman)
My new jacket. I snapped this up in the Next sale a few weeks ago at half price.
I'm looking forward to breaking this out soon.
Jeans, chinos and cords. Take inspiration from the colours of the season.
Cord, flannel, cotton. It's going to get cold; layer layer layer.
Jumpers & cardigans.
I'm currently loving crew necks, but think a fine v-neck looks smarter over a shirt.
Gilet. I picked this up in the Christmas sale.
A nice heritage style piece that is comfy over jumpers.
Mantaray boots at Debenhams
. The BF got me these for Christmas last year and as you can see (left) I've worn the hell out of them.
I liked them so much when I found them again in the summer sale, I got them for this autumn/winter too!

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