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The t-shirt forms the basis of pretty much every man's casual wardrobe.

I wear t-shirts practically every day. I have ones I wear to work, I have ones I wear around the house, I have ones I wear if I'm going out, I have ones I only wear under things & I have ones I wear just because I love them.

There are 3 main essential tees every guy should own.

Tom Hardy, James Dean & Marlon Brando
Ryan Gosling
The PWT (plain white tee) This is the quintessential casual icon. Think James Dean, Marlon Brando or today's modern equivalent, Ryan Gosling. A cool piece of kit that goes with anything really. Fit is crucial here. Fair enough, these Hollywood stars have toned physiques and look great in a fitted tee, but remember; tight isn't always right. (A shapeless white t-shirt is also never good). I've bought many white tees, ranging from cheap to over priced. One of the best buys I've found for fit and value is good old H&M. Their plain tees have a good consistent sizing scale- I hate when you buy something in 2 colours and they are completely different shapes and fits. Plus at only £4.99 so you can afford to stock up and replace as you need. You will need to replace as a white tee has to be white. No grubby grey. No stains. Just white.
Keep it classic with a crew neck, ensure the sleeves are a good fit & length (no flapping sails at your elbow) and wear it with a pair of dark jeans. Simple.

Fred Perry Twin Tipped Polo
The Polo. Now polos can get a bit of a bad rep as they seem to be the uniform of choice for many work places and rock up somewhere in the wrong colour and you'll be hounded by customers . (Been there, wore the t-shirt). But they are a great versatile piece that has been embraced by many varying style cultures, from preppy to hipster.
Ralph Lauren Classic Polo 
I find polos are good if you have a round face, like me. The buttons and collar pulls focus away from the curves of your face, which a crew neck can sometimes emphasise. Invest in a few basic colours like plain white, black and navy and maybe a sailor stripe or pastel for the craic.  (Grab a long-sleeve too for the autumn - really handy to have for layering). You can opt for the ubiquitous Ralph Lauren polo, but remember, those are designed to be tucked in (that's why they're longer at the back) and they will always carry a preppy image If this isn't your style, I'd go for Fred Perry for some vintage, Quadrophenia appeal (buttoned to the neck, avoid if you've a double chin)

Cuckoo's Nest Birds of Paradise Tee

The Graphic Tee. This is my favourite part. The bit where I can have fun with my wardrobe. I'm a sucker for a great tee and love bold prints. This summer the stores are crammed with the usual nautical, Hawaiian and sloganed t-shirts, but I've discovered a brand with a brilliant array of affordable, graphic tees, polos & sweat shirts. Check out Cuckoo's Nest Clothing for some proper design-led style. (I'm gutted they're out of my size in the Birds of Paradise tee - I must have it!)
Cuckoo's Nest Cyberman Back Tee

Look for that something different, this is the whole point of these t-shirts. Go for repeated over-sized patterns, inverted colours, iconic photo images - anything you fancy! A graphic tee is perhaps the easiest way to show your personality in your clothes, but avoid anything with offensive slogans or witty puns. You don't want that much personality.

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