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Summer has a different smell to winter, so why shouldn't we?

The smell of summer is fresh, citrus, zingy, clean, light.

During summer my go-to scent is John Varvatos Artisan. I've worn this for the past couple of years. I barely notice it on my skin, but have been complimented on it several time - this is the sign of a signature scent. The scent that suits your skin chemistry, that subtly clings to you but does not hang in the air in a haze.
I found Artisan by accident in Gatwick airport and instantly snapped it up. When it ran out I was gutted to find that not only did any shop in Belfast stock it, most had never heard of it. My BF then picked me up an overpriced gift set via eBay Christmas 2011 and I'm now nearing the end of this bottle. I've just found out that Debenhams have now got the exclusive distribution for it but this has left me with mixed feelings. Part of me is excited that I now have somewhere to buy it, but part of me is selfishly disappointed that it won't be my little secret. (It also has the coolest bottle; I'd expect nothing less from Mr Varvatos)

My other usual summer scents are Lacoste Sport & Clinique Happy. Both are really fresh and easy to wear.

I've had a few summer scents over the years; L'eau de Issey Pour Homme, White Diesel (this discontinued little gem used to be £7 in my local chemists) & good old CK One, the first designer fragrance I ever bought.

During the Autumn/Winter months I tend to go for a heavier, warmer scent. I want a feeling of heat and plenty in my aftershave to counteract the chill in the air. I usually apply my aftershave to my scarf in winter -something most perfumiers tell you not to do, but it's my smell and my clothes and this way I get to sniff it when it's wrapped up round my mug.
If you're looking a scent for autumn/winter, I can't recommend Marc Jacobs' Bang enough. It's a peppery mix that isn't too strong. As much as I love Bang, I'm not much of a fan of Bang Bang (the blue bottle version), I find it a bit too sickly. My other choice is Lacoste Red (not Rouge); this is a great yet inexpensive wee option if you want something different.

If you're looking something  bold, woody and spicy, try Hugo Boss. Now I've been bought a few Boss aftershaves & eau de toilettes in the past & I love the smell on other people, but find them over powering when I wear them. Boss In Motion lingered on my skin for days, even when I'd just applied it to my clothes. Boss Orange smells amazing on the BF but when he bought it for me, it overwhelmed me AND brought me out in a rash where I'd applied it. Spray carefully...

I'm lucky to live with an aftershave addict. Our bathroom is a veritable Aladdin's cave of concoctions so I'm spoiled for choice. His latest addition is Givenchy Gentlemen Only - I can see me stealing this before long.

If you're on the look out for something new, most of these are available on Cheap Smells - check it out for a bit of a bargain.

What is your signature scent?
Do you stick with an old favourite or are you experimental?

Smell ya later!

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