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A couple of posts back (Tees Me) I mentioned a brand I'd found that offered an excellent selection of modern, affordable, design-led graphic t-shirts. This is the brand.
Introducing Cuckoo's Nest

Already established and respected across Europe, their bold printed tees, shirts and sweatshirts are favourites of those who eschew the usual dictated trends. Taking inspiration from nature, graphic design, photography and typography, Cuckoo have created a niche style in a market swamped with cliched prints and tired themes.

Available directly from their website, ASOS & in selected USC stores across the UK.

Sneak peek behind the scenes at Bread & Butter, Berlin last week.

I've raided the nest and picked my favourites from their SS13 collection.

Birds of Paradise Tee £29.99

Ontario Sweatshirt £55.00

Splatter Tee £29.99

Grey Skinny Cords £55.00
Nova Pullover £55.00

Reno Shorts £34.99
Bear Print Shirt £59.99
I am a sucker for a bird print, so the Birds of Paradise tee is my utmost favourite. The other pieces are statment enough to revamp any other part of your wardrobe without being OTT. I can see me wearing the cords and hoody right through AW. Their pricing is not what I'd expect from a boutique brand, falling in line with high-street prices, making it all the more appealing (I am the biggest bargain hunter)

BTW, buy any tee on their site, enter the code FREECAP and (surprise surprise) you get a free cap! Can't say better than that

Check out their SS13 lookbook below

Print is an easy way to show your personality

I don't have the face for a peaked cap, but god loves a tryer!
Bird prints are my current obession
Images property of Cuckoo's Nest, ASOS & USC

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  1. Awesome post! I recently discovered Cuckoo's Nest and absolutely fell in love with their stuff. I got a few bits from an online retailer recently and just loving it. They have some amazing pieces!

  2. My first comment! Thank you.
    I'm developing an obsession with the brand - I see you've just featured it in your Intro sale post too.
    It's great to have a brand who will try something new & fresh.

  3. Oh I love these choices - printed tees are my favourite and I sometimes sneak an option from the men's selection and vamp it up for a girl;) I love the splatter tee.

    1. Thank you! They're on the top of my summer wishlist. I love their choice of patterns & print and the fact they don't rely on their logo for their designs.


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