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I have been a Converse wearer since I was a kid. No other casual footwear is as versatile in my opinion.

That said they are not without their drawbacks. Offering little insulation, inner support or protection from rain, they are undoubtedly the cause of my fallen arches and hard skin on my feet that could possibly stop a bullet (I paint such a pretty picture of myself - don't I?) Yet I still continue to covet, buy and wear the hell out of them.

Converse became synonymous with basketball sneakers in 1917 when player Chuck Taylor approached the company complaining of sore feet (how he didn't get foot burn after is a debating point). He became a sales ambassador and his signature was added to the All-Star badge in recognition of his work.

While Converse offer a varying selection of styles, it's the classic All-Stars which are my favourite. My current collection includes canvas and leather, shoes and boots. I am generally quite hardwearing on any footwear, so I usually add 2 pairs a year to the list and always ensure I have a black pair.
(Side note: Normally I have strong feelings about black footwear; smart or casual. I find brown or tan much more versatile. I can't stand black trainers or shoes with jeans & the only time I would consider wearing black shoes is to a funeral. This is a matter of personal opinion and I know some of us have to wear black shoes for work etc. I'm just glad I'm not one of them)

David Tennant as Dr Who, in suit, trench coat, and Chuck Taylors.The point of Converse is casual comfort. They work with jeans, chinos and shorts and can add geeky appeal if worn with trousers. (Tread carefully, they can be a little David Tennant/Doctor Who if you wear them with a full suit)

One of the great things about the brand is the simplicity of the look and all they have to do to re-invent it is a change of colour. In addition to my black canvas, I also have green, white & pink. Until the relatively recent advent of coloured chinos and trousers, men and colour usually didn't mix, but by pulling on a red pair of Converse, a guy can inject some fun and colour into his usual casual look.

I am lucky enough to work in an office with a casual uniform policy and usually sport a pair of these a couple of times a week. But most men need to remember that casual does not mean sloppy and definitely does not mean you can wear your actual running trainers with your jeans. Invest in a pair of these and you'll not regret your Converse conversion.

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