Did you pack your bags yourself Sir?


It's not a man-purse, it's a satchel. Indiana Jones has one - The Hangover

Ah the man-bag. Subject of equal praise and criticism, they have grown in popularity, bridging the gap between the back pack and briefcase. 

I've been a fan for many years, progressing from army surplus bags from the much-missed Alcatraz to my current bag, a gift from my BF on our 2 year anniversary last month
A gorgeous, monogrammed Cambridge Satchel in red. 

I was suggested to write a post on man bags by Ruth @willowlaneni after her post on the value of a woman's handbag, it's contents and what we now call "essential items" - check out her blog here: http://www.welcometowillowlane.com/

So now you get a glimpse into the organised chaos of my little red bag.

Ok firstly the bag itself: although it was a gift, I know it retails for £120 + personalisation. I've been coveting one for a long time and was over the moon when I got it. It's 15" making it ideal for a netbook or files and all my crap.

Now to the contents...
•Wallet: Mulberry £150 - a leaving present from my time as manager in Argento Belfast. I have a fiver inside it. 
•Keys: not really valuable, but they open my house so technically they have some clout.
•Work Diary: £1 in Poundland. Does what it says.
•Specs: Tommy Hilfiger case, Specsavers frames £25. I'm not pretending my goggles are Tommy Hilfiger, it's an old case that fits.
•iPhone: (not shown as I took the picture with it) 16gb iPhone 4s - current RRP £449.

Bits & Pieces
•Kindle Fire: £129 - handy little bit of kit
•Digital camera: £99 
•Muji notebook: I picked this up in Hong Kong for $10, so about £8
•Muji pen: £2.95
(Side note: I cannot profess enough how much I love Muji but hate that the nearest store is in Dublin!)

All in, I'm carrying £983.95. That is quite scary as to how casual I've been - if I had amount on me in cash I'd be nervous!

If the messenger/satchel type bag isn't your style, backpacks have seen a resurgence in popularity, with the likes of Dior and Louis Vuitton offering high-end versions. I'm not one for big designer pieces; I don't tend to wear anything with a blatant logo and there is little to no chance of me affording it.

Moving down the price range, Hershel bags seem to be the indie brand of choice. The Little America is my favourite, starting from £85, available in Urban Outfitters
However, I'm nothing if not thrifty and good old H&M came to the rescue with this nifty little orange beaut - only £19.99
(I would have posted an official picture, but H&M's site is really under stocked)

NB: as handy as backpacks are, they hold a lot but this can mean you are tempted to carry more and you can never find anything in them in a hurry!

I'm playing with the idea of a folio for summer (I can pretend I live on the continent), they've been spotted under the well-dressed arm of many fashion week attendees. There is, however, a fine line between a document holder and a clutch bag.

I picked up this vintage suede document folder on eBay for £6 - bargain for a trend I'm not fully committed to. It fits an iPad and a4 pages and with a secure zip, it'll keep everything together. 

So I've shown you mine, now show me yours!

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