I suppose I should really start this blog with an introduction of some sort.

I'm Ian, a 30-something who dresses like a 20-something with the budget of a teenager. 

You might be asking how this qualifies me to comment on style, and you might be right. However, after 31 years on this world and in this body, I've learned what suits me. I'm by no means tall and by no means skinny. I'm round shouldered and have the inseam of a 10 year old so if I can find clothes, anyone can. 

This blog will just not be about the high-fashion world, those designers do not make clothes for the Everyman. (They certainly don't make them for me - after selling D&G, Hugo Boss and Neil Barrett for 2 years, this was painfully clear). 
This is about affordable clothes and hopefully how to bring your personality out through your appearance.

I'll probably bitch a bit about random things too.

You'll have to get used to seeing this mug I'm afraid.

I hope you enjoy what you read (if you don't, I hopefully enjoyed writing it) and maybe take a bit of inspiration and apply it to your wardrobe. 

See you soon


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