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Today marks 5 years to the day since I tentatively hit publish on my introduction post and stepped into the blogosphere.

My blog was something I really didn't think I would stick at or find any success in, but here we are, 5 years and exactly 250 posts later.

I'm by no stretch a leading name in blogging but I'm proud to have carved my own little niche in Belfast and have worked with some great folks and companies here and across the UK and the world.
I like to think I've gained some better insight and that my photography and writing have improved but that was never the reason why I started the blog. I started it because there wasn't anyone else like me out there writing about things that I liked or had experienced. That, I think, is a key lesson to learn when thinking about starting, or if you start questioning, your reason for blogging.

If my readers have ever taken anything away from my blog, if I have helped, made a suggestion or inspired in someway that has made even a small difference, then I feel my blogging has been worthwhile.

Over the past 5 years I've seen blogging grow and change (sometimes not for the better) but it's refreshing to have so many alternative channels to look for recommendations, gain inspiration or make new friends. 

A big thank you to my family, friends and readers for the support over the past 5 years, I doubt I would have stuck with it without you!

I'm not ready to hang up my phone and keyboard just yet, so here's to the next 5 years and the new challenges, opportunities and experiences they bring!

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