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Excuse the lateness of this post. I normally write and publish my round up on the last day of the month, however the 31st of May was a whirlwind of sorting and packing for my trip to Amsterdam that I didn't get round to it. After a week away and getting back into the swing of things at work, I'm finally caught up and ready to share what I got up to last month.

One of my favourite local businesses Ground (you should know them by now) opened their newest Belfast store in Victoria Square. Caelan and I were invited along for a brew bar experience in the new surroundings.

Our host for the evening Thomas took us through the brewing methods Ground currently offer, including the Aeropress, Kalita and the batch brew option. Filter coffee is by far my favourite style of coffee, it brings our the flavour much better in my opinion than the likes of an espresso and doesn't get drowned in the milkiness of a cappuccino or latte.
We even picked up 2 bags of their guest roast Bailies beans to use at home (as we have pretty much every coffee brewing gadget going!)

Aeropress was invented by the creator of the Aerobie Frisbee, as a quick and efficient method of brewing coffee by forcing it through a filter in a vacuum.

Towards the end of the month I attended my first fashion blogger event in possibly over a year. Being a fashion blogger in Northern Ireland can be tough simply due to the geographyhy and logistics working against brands holding such events. Many of the bloggers in Northern Ireland are female and as such, it makes sense to cater events to them. 
Anyway, my stars aligned (if you believe in that stuff) and I travelled to Ballymena to attend the Ballymena Means Fashion blogger brunch. 
As the only male blogger in attendance felt that more exclusive and exciting.
You can read my full post on the event here but it felt so good to get back out there and meet with folks who share your interests. 

I've consciously tried to be more engaged with my recycling and plastic usage and am putting my KeepCup to use of late. It doesn't hurt that Ground gives you 50p off every coffee when you use it...

Caelan challenged me last month with reducing time spent on my phone. My phone is an extension of my hand, I'm rarely without it, checking twitter, browsing shops or playing games. However, we both downloaded the Moment app which tracks your usage; how long you've been on for, how often you lift it and what apps are taking up the most of your time. 
I've been trying to cut down to around 1.5hrs a day (I will admit I slipped badly over the last week or so taking photos etc while I was in Amsterdam) but it has been refreshing to step away from it. The shame you feel when you get your end of day report and see you've spend a significant portion of your waking day staring at a tiny screen!
As a pleasant side effect of spending more time away from my phone, I was able to get back into reading. I've always been a casual reader but I burned through 3 books in a fortnight last month simply because I had the time to do it! I'm currently reading The Tobacconist, set in Vienna on the eve of World War II, weaving fiction with historical fact. 

Lastly, I've been on a bit of a spending freeze this year. Not really due to trying to be more economical but simply because I've not been inspired to buy anything. 
Case in point - I've not bought a single pair of shoes this year. For a guy who named his blog after a shoe, this is serious business. However, I did indulge and get a new wallet. Dropping a whopping £15(!) in TKMaxx I picked up this little Norse Projects Marko 11 wallet.
I love the cobalt navy exterior and the raw, undyed leather interior which will just get better as it gets used.


There you have it, what I got up to last month. I'll be back soon with the round up of my trip to Amsterdam!

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