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Trying something new here today. I often have a lot of ideas that run through my head, things that I have done and places I have been that I want to share but that don't really need a full blog post. I thought I would round them up into a monthly review. 
(I know I probably should have started this in January but better late than never)

How often do you get icicles like this?

Starting the month as if it was December, the beast from the east made its presence felt and as usual, Northern Ireland was unprepared. I must admit I do love snow but our country grinds to a halt. 

I'm very lucky to have someone as special as Caelan in my life and loved being away celebrating his birthday.

On St Patrick's Day, we flew to Gdansk to celebrate Caelan turning 30! Having visited Warsaw last year, we thought we would look at a different part of Poland for this trip. While Gdansk maybe isn't as cosmopolitan as the capital, it certainly boasts some beautiful architecture and sights around the cobbled streets and port area.

Museum of the Second World War

Something Caelan does not want to talk about...

drukarnia best coffee in Gdansk

flisak '76 a truly hidden gem of a cocktail bar.

We gave the living room a bit of a makeover this month too. We repainted all the walls and woodwork, giving them a refresh. The feature wall was significantly darkened to make the furniture pop. The biggest change was our new floor, we had cream carpet since we moved in but after 5 years it was time for a change. The wooden floor makes the square room look bigger and as all the furniture sits off the floor, it makes it feel more spacious.

We also introduced a few more bits of greenery and a lot more cushions!

Thanks to Jason at Quarter West for the new 'do

Finally I also got a bit of a refresh and went for a new haircut. I'd had my quiff for a while and had been growing my hair out for the style for over a year (when my fringe was down it covered my nose!). The novelty of styling it was wearing off so I went for a textured crop instead. It's much easier to style (or leave unstyled) with some sea salt spray or textured paste and I don't have to go near a hairdryer and barrel brush.

Looking forward to what April has in store.

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