The Next Step


It's hard to believe Rogues + Brogues will be 5 years old this June. 

My blog has always been a side project, but I feel it has been neglected over the last few months. I didn't post at all over January; I hit a wall creatively, personally and objectively. 

I want Rogues + Brogues to become something that people will actually respect. 
So coming up will be a new layout, a new logo and some exciting new resources that I hope you will like.

I need to face my fears of posing for the camera and even more so, speaking on camera. I spoke in my last post about my envy and admiration for those bloggers and vloggers who are so calm and candid on film. 
I had toyed with the idea of vlogging on my recent trip to Berlin but chickened out. (I didnt even share my idea with Caelan) I need to bite the bullet and do it! I have so many ideas that would translate better on film than written content.

I also want to expand on my knowledge and skills from my day job with something I had announced before Christmas: the Rogues+Brogues store. It's going to be a revolving curated selection of accessories and items I have found and loved.


The blogging community, and especially the male blogging community, has grown so much since I started and while I don't feel threatened, I want to keep up with or (even better), keep ahead of my fellow bloggers in terms of content, style and creativity.

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