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Getting back into the swing of regular blog posts with the first rogues gallery post of 2018

I ran a poll over on my twitter account to find out who would be the first feature of this year and you decided Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum is one of those actors you kind of forget about (well, I do anyway). He was in 2 of the biggest movies of my adolescence (Jurassic Park and Independence Day) and then he all but disappeared towards the turn of the millennium. However, after starring in last year's hit Thor: Ragnarok, his mumbling, jittery style of awkward acting is firmly back on the A-List.

Trainers on the red carper is always an IDGAF move

 Jeff Goldblum boldly assumes the mantle of cool dad. He has reached the age when he knows what suits him and wouldn't be afraid to raid the wardrobe of his kids for the items he could wear better than them.
There is a fine line between cool dad and ram-dressed-as-lamb; taking inspiration from current trends, but not being governed by them.

Picture a middle-aged man in a leather jacket and images of Jeremy Clarkson might come to mind but it takes someone like Jeff Goldblum to show you how it's done right. 

Taking classic menswear pieces, vintage inspired items and brave use of colour and pattern and creating something of your own shows a true understanding of your own sense of style.

Could you pull off orange selvedge denim? No. Me neither. 

Penny loafers, white socks and a cardigan screams substitute teacher if anyone else tried this look.

Jeff's tall, thin frame lends itself to the inherently hipster-ish look he carries off. His persona of the geeky oddity that he often portrays on camera belies a strong confidence in his own skin. Not the post-ironic way many attempt to tap looks, this is just a silent strength of character that knows what works. Knowing your own body, build and colouring is half the battle in developing your style and takes a lot of time and often, a lot of error!

Here's some pieces inspired by Jeff's eclectic style

All Saints £318
A leather jacket is a classic menswear piece. If you don't fancy the full biker jacket, go for a bomber or racer jacket instead.

Acetate or plastic frames will always evoke a vintage image. I find them more flattering and easier to wear than metal and a square shape like above suits most faces.

Dune £95 £47
By now all y'all know I can't be doing with black shoes. These chestnut brown loafers work with navy, grey or if you're feeling rebellious, black.

Reiss £90
A patterned shirt can be a tricky thing. It tiptoes into territories usually inhabited by uncles at family barbeques. However, the key is often keeping the rest of the outfit understated and letting the pattern do its job.

Levis £70
Real men wear pink. The classic 501 cut makes a refreshing change to the usual skinnies seen about.

H&M £39.99
A baseball jacket is surprisingly versatile and the shorter boxy cut works on most builds and heights.

Disclaimer: I've deliberately left out any references to hats. I don't suit a brimmed hat so if I can't have it, neither can you!

As always, true style does not come from copying someone else. It's your interpretation and inspiration that makes it.


Who should be my next Rogues Gallery feature? Drop me a comment with suggestions!

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