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Oops! So I was out most of yesterday at a family event so I didn't get the 7th day post up. So I'm playing catch up today and will have 2 posts going live!

On the Seventh Day of Christmas I spotted this for me... Clever Gifts for Women (cos clever sounds a bit like seven and women rhymes with swimmin')

My blog has always been about men's fashion and lifestyle however, we would be lesser men (and not even born if you're going to get pedantic) if not for the women in our lives. Mums, sisters, friends, family - show these wonder women some love this Christmas with a thoughtful gift.

Dreamer bracelet | Lines & Current

Having previously worked in the jewellery industry for a decade, I must admit I have a soft spot for women's jewellery. Local brand Lines & Current make delicate subtle pieces for the girl who doesn't wear jewellery. A simple design such as this bracelet is timeless and will go with any outfit. 
What makes buying jewellery a clever option is you can add to the collection or buy a jewellery box as the next gift!

Gold Glass Frame | Oliver Bonas

A photo frame is usually a well-received present idea but please don't just present it as is. Nip to the nearest photo lab and get one of the 1000's of photos on your phone printed and put that in the frame. Make it more meaningful!
You can repeat the framed photo idea but just don't make it your only present idea...

 Cashmere Scarf | Marks and Spencer

Indulging with like cashmere makes it a real treat. Go for a colour other than black or navy to make it more of a special occasion piece. 
A scarf is smart and safe present option as you really don't have to worry too much about getting the size wrong.

Handbags, makeup and perfume are a minefield when it comes to gift giving. I normally stay away from these areas unless I've done some reconnaissance and go in prepared to get exactly what they want. Avoid disappointment on Christmas morning when you've got the wrong brand or colour and ask them for a wishlist if you are looking to shop in these departments.

If you are rubbish at wrapping like I am, buy a nice gift bag and some tissue paper or ask if the store offer gift wrapping.

Whatever you pick up in the stores, make sure you've put some thought into it and not spotted it while you're queuing up. 


On the first day of Christmas I spotted this for me...
Clever Gifts for Women
Gifts a' Local
For scrawling words
Three fresh scents
New winter gloves 
And a wallet from Mulberry!

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