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Anyone else mildly panicking that they are not panicking about Christmas? We have all pretty much our shopping done and wrapped in the attic (from October *smug grin*) but I’ve still a few bits to get and I’ve no sense of impetus in getting it sorted. I’m not that proactive anyway but this year is just a slow start!

Anyway on to day 2!

The last time I did my 12 Days of Christmas, my second day was 2 Things from Dove but in light of their pretty racist campaigns of late, I no longer use their products and won’t be sharing them again on my blog.

So on the second day of Christmas I spotted this for me... New winter gloves!

I have a bit of a nostalgic soft spot for gloves although they usually end up in my pocket when I lose patience with my inability to do any simple task while wearing them.

As anyone who knows me will attest, my phone is an extension of my hand so my gloves need to be compatible with using my phone too! Luckily the Henley gloves from Dents are not only super stylish but tech friendly too!

Dents Henley £63.00

Dents gloves are part of well dressed British heritage with soft buttery leather and beautiful accents in fine wool and tweed.

A classic black pair will go with any coat colour combination and the knitted cuff will keep any cold breezes from blowing up your sleeves!

(Did you know that Dents make James Bond's gloves? You can see them in Skyfall and Spectre)

Dents Waverley £63.00

If you fancy something a bit more unusual opt for a pair of driver or biker gloves. While they don’t offer the same warmth as a traditional pair, they have that little more edge and interest. 
The royal blue will add a pop of colour and we can all stand to add a little colour to our winter wardrobe.


On the first day of Christmas I spotted this for me...
New winter gloves 
And a wallet from Mulberry!

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