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Playing catch-up again - this working full-time malarkey is really getting in the way!

Anyway, today's post (which was to have been yesterday's post) is all about SALE

Gone are the days of actual January sales as retailers are pushing harder and harder to get rid of their seasonal stock and launch sales prior to Christmas. It makes sense in some ways but can be frustrating to consumers who have just bought the same item at full price as a gift.

But good things come to those who wait. You can nab a bargain and still get use from it. 

On the Ninth Day of Christmas I spotted this for me.. 9 Labels Discounting!

Dune £70 £28

A pair of genuine leather desert boots for under £30? You'd be a mug to miss these 
versatile bad boys.

Bellfield £100 £50

If you thought leather boots for £30 was good value, how about a suede jacket for £50? The American heritage feel of this suede bomber is perfect for layering and playing with textures.

Ucon Acrobatics €79.99 €59.99

I was pretty ignorant of Ucon until Caelan got one of their bags on our trip to Berlin the summer and I've been impressed by the design and functionality of them ever since. 

Moss Bros. £229 £179

A camel coat is a wise investment as it's never gone out of style. Look after it and it will serve you well for years.

Reiss £95 £65

Looking for an alternative to a roll neck or shirt to wear under a jacket for NYE? How about this awesome navy metallic weather from Reiss. Just the right amount of sparkle without being too Strictly...

White Stuff £45 £22

One of my favourite shops for casual classics, this Oxford pin stripe shirt from White Stuff will become your weekend uniform

Banana Republic £150 £69.99

I feel you can get away with (and are almost expected to) wear more adventurous trousers in winter. It's almost in defiance of the dull weather. These slim wool blend trousers would make a sharp alternative to chinos or jeans.
Tip: Save an additional 20% on sale prices with code BRSAVEMORE 

River Island £65 £30

Ok, I know I go on about brown and tan footwear but you know I hate black shoes! Anyway, these are perfect for dark denim jeans and you will thank me.

Tip: River Island always launch their footwear and accessories promotions in store before they launch their full sale. 

Burton £45 £22.50

Just because its a blazer doesn't mean its stuffy. The jersey fabric lends a casual edge to it, wear it with a t-shirt, cuffed jeans and plain white trainers.


The beauty of sale shopping is you can try that trend you weren't 100% on or pick up something you usually wouldn't choose and not feel guilty or frivolous as you've saved money on it!

On the first day of Christmas I spotted this for me...
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And a wallet from Mulberry!

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