On the First Day of Christmas | A Wallet from Mulberry


Ok so in an attempt to get into the festive mood I’m bringing back a series I first wrote 4 years ago when rogues & brogues was celebrating its first Christmas.

Modelled on the 12 Days of Christmas song, here’s my 2018 countdown. Look out for terrible puns and feeble attempts at sticking to the song lyrics. It’s a combination of wishlist and gift ideas and might just help provide some last minute present inspiration.


Caelan got me a beaut navy textured leather Michael Kors wallet for my birthday last year and while there is nothing wrong with it and it’s not in need of replacing, I’m just indulging my love of Mulberry with a little wallet inspo.

So on the first day of Christmas I spotted this for me...

A wallet from Mulberry!

Oak leather is my favourite as it ages beautifully and although I’m not a big fan of the newer logo (I prefer the original embossed tree stamp) the quality and pure luxury of a Mulberry piece is timeless.

A simple bi-fold wallet is more than sufficient since I had a good clear out of unnecessary loyalty cards and guff and I never carry change in my wallet as it just creates extra bulk and stretches out the leather. 

My dog ate my beloved Mulberry wallet a year ago and I’ve never really gotten over it...


Look out tomorrow for the next installment (while I try and find something that works with 2 turtle doves...)

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