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What do you do on your day off? Do you clean the house, binge watch TV or do you drag your better half outside  to take some pictures of your new sneakers?

rogues brogues vans old skool mens fashion blog

Typically, my day off this week fell on the day with torrential downpours. The start of the week; sun was blazing with temperatures in the 20's. My day; muggy, overcast and then monsoon-like rainfall. Anyway, this is probably a more accurate representation of the weather over here and what my new Vans will have to contend with.

rogues brogues vans old skool mens fashion blog

I have a couple of other pairs of Vans, in black & grey but I wanted something with a bit of colour but still versatile. The rich burgundy red of these Old Skool Vans works with black, grey and indigo denim and also with sand or khaki chino shorts (should the sun ever make another appearance.)

rogues brogues vans old skool mens fashion blog

With the current 90s renaissance, Vans are the sneakers of choice. Their low profile versatility means they work with pretty much any casual outfit and look great with a rolled/cuffed hem to show off your socks.

rogues brogues vans old skool mens fashion blog
calves for days

rogues brogues vans old skool mens fashion blog

The distinct honeycomb textured sole stems from Vans heritage as a skater shoe, designed to give better grip to the board. Celebrating their 50th anniversary last year, Vans have not altered their original designs much (even sticking to the skate logo designed in the 70's by the then-CEO's teenage son); a testament to the classic, perpetual appeal and influence Vans have had on the street-style scene.

act your shoe size, not your age

Vans biggest appeal in my opinion is the gender and age-defying versatility of the range. The uncomplicated styling means they never go out of fashion ergo they are beyond trends and can be worn regardless of your self imposed style limitations. I'm entering my late 30's soon enough and I can't see me stopping wearing them any time soon!

*Thank you to JD Sports for sending me these Vans for review. Check out their full range of Vans here

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