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Last Thursday Caelan and I were invited to a special make-over session at the newly refurbished Be-You-Tiful salon in East Belfast.

Every Wednesday, Caelan and I have so much fun joining in with the #BeautyHourNI Twitter chat, hosted by Be-You-Tiful owner Jenny and marketer Laura. The dynamic duo offer advice, answer questions and share tips on a varying weekly theme, from weddings to holidays. Our contribution to the discussions tend to be light-hearted and GIF-heavy, but it's such a fun, friendly and interesting way to spend an hour and chat to new folks.

The salon recently had its VIP press launch , but a combination of factors meant we weren't able to attend. However, Jenny and her team kindly extended a private invitation for us to come down and experience the products and services in their men's Sports Facial package.
Consisting of a Dermalogica facial and massage, eyebrow and nose waxing and a hair cut, style and finish.

I'm going to let you in on a secret... 

While I write regularly on grooming, I've never actually been for any salon treatments!

Somewhat controversial for a men's grooming blogger but I have a total aversion to the idea of a massage (Having a stranger rub you?!) and never had the courage to visit a salon for any type of pampering.

Part of the Sport Facial Package is of course the facial. Having never been for one before, I psyched myself up for what I was sure to be one of the most awkward and socially uncomfortable experiences for an odd-ball like me.

Laying back on the couch, I realised my shoulder and neck were tensed - not conducive to a relaxing facial and massage. I slowly surrendered to the experience. 
I had all intentions of asking loads of questions about the products used and the techniques and processes that were going on but they all evaporated as the facial began.
Using a combination of Dermalogica products, including a cleanse, exfoliation, mask and moisturiser were applied and my skin was left feeling supple and fresh. 

Seeing as it was a darkened room and I had my top off, you can breath a sigh of relief that I didn't try to take any photos of this part of the treatment!

My therapist Gail then moved on to my biggest nightmare; a shoulder, arm and hand massage. I think massages should be relaxing and soothing so NEVER want a deep tissue sports massage and was relieved when gentle pressure and movements were used on me.
I don't have any problems sleeping at night (If anything, I'm a bit too good at sleeping) but after my massage I had a deep but lucid sleep; something I rarely experience. 

I always tidy my eyebrows at home; by no means a professional finish, it consists of me ensuring that my eyebrows don't meet in the middle and that they don't grow into my hairline! I do this either with a wet razor or my Philips OneBlade. I've never plucked or shaped my brows (too much of a wimp) and so they are wild and broad clumps of hair, like little grassy verges clinging to my facial cliff-front.
I was hesitant to have my eyebrows waxed if I'm honest - I didn't want them looking too unnaturally arched or shaped but I was reassured it was just to remove hairs to open up your eyes. 

The After

Getting your eyebrows waxed is not the most pleasant of sensations but the end results are worth it. 

I will admit, my skin reacted to the heat of the wax the following day. This is not a reflection of the salon but the sensitivity of my skin and the fact that I am prone to foliculitis especially when my skin gets heated. If you do have any issues like this, always tell your therapist! Removing strong cleansers from my grooming routine, cold water showers and applying some Sudocreme to my brows before bed cleared this up in a couple of days.

don't sneeze...

While I was having my eyebrows done, I was asked if I wanted my nostrils waxed too. 
For the sake of my blogging integrity and for a more thorough experience, I accepted. A glob of warm wax on a wooden stick was gently placed into my nose and allowed to set before a satisfying (and admittedly less painful experience than eyebrow waxing) yank pulled all those pesky nose hairs out! I don't really have a problem with nostril hairs as I trim them when tidying my moustache but thought I might as well get them out when I had the chance.

The lollipop of nightmares!

After my facial, massage and waxing, I moved on to the final part of the evening; my hair cut and style by Yasmine. I had recently had my hair cut so opted for a razor trim to the back and sides to maintain shape. I also had the top thinned with minimal length removed as I like the current versatility of my hair. My hair was blow-dried (something I rarely if ever have the patience to do for myself) and styled. I always feel gulity having my hair styled in the evening if I've nowhere to go after - I'm just going to go home and wash it out before I go to bed!

Coming in at only £45 for the entire package, including all treatments, this is incredible value for money considering several salons and barbershops in Belfast charge upwards of £20+ for a dry cut alone.
The salon is modern and fresh and the staff are friendly, welcoming and experienced - a true credit to Jenny.

As I've now popped my salon-cherry (and as my eyebrows have never looked better) I can see the Sports Facial Package becoming a regular treat in my grooming routine.

Thank you again to Jenny and the entire team at Be-You-Tiful for inviting myself and Calean and for the complimentary packages.

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